In an effort to advance recent technological developments and respond to the growing demand to include sustainable building resources in their projects, designers are joining forces with manufacturers.

One such example is the recent launch of the EFO Fiber Optic Lighting System, a joint venture between Gensler Architecture, Design & Planning Worldwide, and lighting manufacturer Fiberstars. The EFO system is a continuously extruded large-core fiber, and combines patented innovations in lamp design, power sources, fiber and fixtures. With targeted applications for retail, commercial and museum settings, this fiber optic technology is intended to reduce energy consumption, and act as an alternative for recessed ceiling downlights, track and display case lighting. 'Fiberstars already had the science,' explains Jeffrey H. Brite, director of Gensler's Product Development Division, 'We worked with them on the design of the housing, the redesign of the mechanical box so that the product can work in a construction environment, and consulted on configurations of light fixtures.' According to Fiberstars, the EFO system provides as much as an 80 percent energy savings compared to halogen or other incandescent sources in downlighting applications. One 68W EFO can replace eight 50W halogen lamps. Other benefits of EFO include no heat or UV transmission. For architects and lighting designers, this technology provides another viable design solution that meets 'green' criteria. ed