The Delaware Valley Green Building Council has awarded its fourth annual Student Sustainable Design Competition awards. This year also featured the the inaugural innovative sustainable lighting design award. The competition brief was for a design of an agricultural high school, where the judges looked for innovation, environmental sustainabliity, and integrated design.

The 2008 DVGBC Student Sustainable Design Competition winners include:

  • Platinum Award (First Prize): Muhammad Hanif-Azly and Jeremy Kaltreider, Temple University
  • Gold (Second Prize): David Cremer, Philadelphia University
  • Silver (Third Prize): Dane Danielson and Jason Niebish, University of Pennsylvania
  • The Lighting Practice Innovative Sustainable Design Award: Jeff Watson, Drexel University
  • Community Choice Award: Andrew Ammaturo, Drexel University
  • Honorable Mentions:

  • Andrea Bornhoft and Gregory Wolfe, Temple University
  • Juan C. Viera and James S. McKenna, III, Temple University
  • Dan Watts, Community College of PhiladelphiaIvan Merino, Drexel University
  • Isaac Southard, Drexel University