• The Benefits of Natural Light

    Research supports daylighting's positive effect on building performance and human health.

  • LEDs: Fighting Flicker

    The onset of LEDs in lighting has brought manufacturers and designers back to the drawing board to discuss an age-old problem. This is the first in a multipart series on critical issues surrounding solid-state lighting.

  • Why LED Lamps’ Form May be Key to Getting Consumers to Bite

    Philip’s latest LED 60W-replacement is among a new crop of lamps melding old-school form with new technology to create an LED “light bulb” that consumers may actually like.

  • Light-Emitting Dynasty

    Flos has re-engineered some of Gino Sarfatti’s classic luminaires to accept LEDs.

  • Tuning In

    Solid-state lighting has given designers a technology that can perfect an architectural space: tunable white light.

  • An Era of Enlightenment

    In an industry focused on the latest lighting technologies, human factors play a critical role in determining the success of an environment.

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    In the Network

    Lighting has advanced from standalone controls to integrated systems that speak with each other and with overall building operations.

  • David Chipperfield Architects new East Wing of the St. Louis Art Museum is an addition to the Beaux-Arts original designed by Cass Gilbert for the 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exhibition.

    Between the Lines

    The concrete grid topping the St. Louis Art Museum’s new East Wing is a work of art in and of itself.

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    An Assistant You Can Download

    Forget clipboards and cameras. With the right apps, you can have everything you need at your fingertips. With guidance from industry professionals, we canvassed app stores for the latest and greatest.

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    Big Advances, Small Packages

    Innovations abound in all sectors of the lighting industry, from component manufacturing to fixture design.

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    Regulating Heat Output in LED Luminaires

    Advancements in thermal management strategies for LED fixtures pave the way for design innovation.

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    The Lighting Design Collective Turns an Architectural Remnant into an Art Installation

    Once a storage vessel for oil, Silo 468 has become a beacon in Helsinki's new district of light.

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    Optical Design for LEDs is Not Conventional

    After some initial grappling with LED technology, the lighting industry has begun leveraging its distinct performance and potential.

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    A Detailed Look at the Solar Sunscreen on the Consolidated Forensic Laboratory

    The high-performance facility in Washington, D.C., by HOK uses a dynamic façade to draw in sunlight without the heat.

  • Mis Estrellas

    Light in an Expanding Field: New Technologies Dissolve Disciplinary Boundaries

    Discussion of the interaction between new materials and new lighting technologies.

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    Switch Appeal

    Change can be hard. Witness the reluctance with which some building owners, and even consumers, are approaching the switch to certain lighting technologies, such as T8s and LEDs—even though these sources meet new energy mandates better than previous options.

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    Ready, Set, Update

    Computer-aided design has elevated lighting design into a realm of automation and visualization that was unimaginable just a few decades ago.

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    Incorporating Building Management Systems into Architecture

    Building management systems bring us one step closer to dummy-proofing your clients’ lives—if we can design and program them correctly.

  • Control Integration

    Lighting controls have always been an essential component of a lighting system, as they enable basic functionality: turning lights on and off, and dimming.

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    Controlled Efficiency

    Today, we are in the midst of an era of regulated efficiency. And as a major consumer of electric energy in commercial buildings, lighting is subject to a large host of design restrictions and control requirements. Various product standards are affecting the availability of lighting equipment...


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