Tulsa, Oklahoma-based LED company OptoEngineering, a manufacturer of patented pre-designed, pre-assembled LED lighting arrays for the sign industry, has made a substantial donation to the Department of Industrial Engineering and Technology at the University of Texas A&M-Commerce. The donation, the first of several that will occur over the next five years, will enable the purchase of light measuring equipment and software to gather empirical data for specification standards for LED modules. Researchers will explore the electrical and mechanical efficiencies of LED modules and their cost effectiveness. 'They have a well-staffed department geared toward this type of research,' says OptoEngineering president and donor Kevin Hannah, who spoke with several universities before selecting Texas A&M-Commerce.

'There are currently no standards for LEDs,' says Dr. J. K. Crain, Head of the Industrial Engineering and Technology Department. 'Our research will be examining specific systems to gather information for ourselves and for OptoEngineering, and we will be integrating this research program throughout our department to include both faculty and student contributions.' Hannah has worked in the LED industry since 1996, and formed OptoEngineering in 2004. The company will be opening a manufacturing facility in Commerce, Texas, to coincide with the ongoing research. A|L