Mod TechZone, Litecontrol and Armstrong
Litecontrol has reengineered its Mod linear recessed lighting fixture to prequalify for fit and finish in Armstrong's TechZone Ceiling System. The TechZone System arranges lighting, air diffusers, and sprinkler heads in a linear “technical zone” to provide a less-cluttered ceiling plane. The Mod fixtures are available in either 6-inch-wide linear or 4-inch-wide linear versions, and both widths are available in 4- and 5-foot fixture lengths. A 6-inch-wide continuous version is available in longer lengths. All models coordinate with Armstrong's Optima and Ultima fine-textured ceiling panels and work with lay-in or tegular ceiling formats. The fixtures can be used with one or two linear fluorescent T5 or T5HO lamps. A diffuse lens and a white blade baffle help with light distribution and brightness control.