The American Institute of Architects (AIA) 2008 National Convention and Design Exposition, held May 15-17 in Boston, attracted 23,950 registrants and 852 exhibitors, making the 140th convention the third largest to date. More than 30 of those exhibitors were lighting manufacturers looking to reach the audience of architects and lighting specifiers, and a lighting pavilion on the show floor conveniently gathered many of those manufacturers in one area. There was much discussion at the convention about light-emitting diode (LED) technology in addition to daylighting, energy savings, and the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design program. Along with the booths showcasing products on the exhibit floor, a variety of workshops and seminars were offered, where those seeking continuing education credits could fulfill their requirements. With many manufacturers touting new products, there were numerous items that warrant mentioning, and the following is an overview of some of the offerings from the 2008 AIA show floor.

ARCHITECTURAL AREA LIGHTING CUBIC INDIRECT AAL.NET Part of an extension to the Indirect line of products, Cubic Indirect—available come fall 2008—can be wall- or pole-mounted and features a square fixed head, angular wall bracket, and stainless steel struts. The luminaire requires no tools for access to the lamps and comes with various options such as a center deflector cone for wider light distribution and color filter holders to attach to the fixture. CIRCLE 125

AUTODESK SEEK USA.AUTODESK.COM This web service connects architects and engineers with building product manufacturers and publishers, and aims to make the project workflow process easier. With this program, architects and engineers can search and specify building products and design content—including2-D drawings, 3-D models, and descriptions—either from within Autodesk software or using a standard Internet browser. Seek offers users the ability to search products by manufacturer, type, or file format. CIRCLE 126

BENDHEIM OPTICHROIC GLASS BENDHEIM.COM Bendheim's Optichroic dichroic glass is created by using specialized interlayer technologies. As the viewer's angle to the glass changes, so does its color, ranging from soft green, cyan, blue, magenta, red, and gold hues. According to the manufacturer, Optichroic is the first glass of its type suitable for architectural applications. The scratch-resistant glass is available in numerous surface and color combinations, including clear, etched, and geometric textures. Glass sheet size can be up to 54 inches by 120 inches, and the thickness ranges from 0.25 inch to 1 inch. CIRCLE 127

INSIGHT SMARTWALL INSIGHTLIGHTING.COM SmartWall is part of Insight Lighting's SmartEdge LED product line. Combining Insight's LED technology with custom-etched acrylic panels, Smart-Wall can be used in multiple architectural applications, from freestanding illuminated partitions to backlight graphic displays to window systems. Available in transparent, translucent, and opaque versions up to 32 square feet, the product features an extruded aluminum frame around the perimeter of the acrylic panel unless otherwise specified. The LED platform options are static color, RGB color changing, and white light, and are available in four color temperatures: 2900K, 3400K, 4200K, and 5600K. CIRCLE 128

LUCIFER LIGHTING PUKLED LUCIFERLIGHTING.COM This low-voltage white LED luminaire from Lucifer offers concealed or visible fasteners and features either a 3300K or 5000K color temperature. The PukLED uses a 3W AC LED with an average rated lamp life of 50,000 hours, is well suited for interior and exterior dry and damp locations and can be recessed or surface-mounted. Available in a matte white, clear anodized, or black anodized finish, the trim can be accessorized with a variety of lenses or color gels. CIRCLE 129

SELUX NEO SELUX.COM/USA A new release from Selux, the Neo line of luminaires features a housing of polished extruded aluminum with machine flushed glass on three sides and provides flexibility for suspended, ceiling-mount, or surface-mount applications. The fixture is available in 3- and 4-foot extrusions with polished die-cast endplates, which include options such as a swivel bar that allows up to a 120-degree horizontal rotation, an extended endplate, and a flush endplate. Precision reflector and microprism systems enhance the output of T5 and T5HO fluorescent lamps, according to the manufacturer, and there is a choice of microprismatic diffusers or opal lenses for direct shielding. With a quick-release gear tray requiring no tools to open, Neo offers easy access for maintenance and lamp replacement. CIRCLE 130

SCHOTT BRIGHTBUILD US.SCHOTT.COM Schott brings together fiber optics and concrete with its BrightBuild concrete panels, which contain layers of optical glass fiber optic strands that transmit natural or electric light throughout. Retaining the positive attributes of quality concrete, white and color light effects are possible, and the panels are well suited for various external and internal non-support walls. According to the manufacturer, Bright-Build allows architects an alternative to windows to bring natural light into interior spaces. The product is available in units up to approximately 1.5 inches thick and can be cut to the length and width as specified by the designer. CIRCLE 131

SOLATUBE 750 DS SOLATUBE.COM The next generation of Solatube's daylighting system, the 750 DS extends the amount of daylight available for interior spaces. The dome delivers an effective daylight capture surface of up to 750 square inches, which according to the manufacturer is more than double that of a clear dome with the same diameter. When the sun is directly overhead, the product reduces visual discomfort by tempering glints and mixing light in the tube shaft. The Raybender 3000 technology in the dome allows for more low-angle sunlight during the winter and collects early morning and late afternoon sunlight in the spring and fall. Dimming daylight control options also are available for users to easily adjust the amount of light in the room. The 750 DS tubing can be installed with up to 50-foot runs and delivers daylight to interior spaces even when the tubes are angled up to 90 degrees to navigate around obstructions or into hard-to-reach locations. CIRCLE 132

SPI LIGHTING REO SPILIGHTING.COM This line of wall sconces has more than 22,000 standard design combinations, according to the manufacturer, with three mounting options, five colors, two window styles, more than 30 powder-coat paint finishes, and four faceplate accents. A variety of panel options are offered, including 3form Varia textured resin panels and hand-painted lenses or custom faceplates. Available for use with T5, T5HO, or T8 lamps, Reo's light orientation illuminates both the front and back of the translucent panel, resulting in a 3-D effect. CIRCLE 133