The Energy Wiser brand of PAR20, PAR30, and PAR38 compact fluorescent direct replacement lamps for halogen PARs each promise a 75 percent energy savings and to last up to six times longer than traditional incandescent sources. The 9W PAR20 CFL replaces a 35W halogen PAR20 and produces 350 lumens at 3000K or 310 lumens at 5000K. The 15W PAR30 CFL is Energy Star–approved and is equivalent to a 50W halogen PAR30, offering 670 lumens at 3000K or 630 lumens at 5000K. The Energy Star–approved, 23W PAR38 is comparable to a 23W incandescent PAR38, offering 1,200 lumens at 3000K or 1,050 lumens at 5000K. All three lamps last up to 8,000 hours and have a CRI of 82. bulbrite.com


The Decora CFL Slide Dimmer is compatible with a range of dimmable CFL lamps of varying styles, ratings, and dimming capabilities. The dimmer features an auto mode that detects whether the lamp is an incandescent or a dimmable CFL and determines the lamp's high- and low-end dimming capabilities, adjusting the dimming range accordingly. According to the manufacturer, the Decora CFL Slide Dimmer improves on the issues that plague standard dimmers' performances with CFLs, such as flickering, limited dimming range, and not being able to turn the lights on while the dimmer is in a dimmed position. leviton.com


WattStopper introduces the latest addition to its Digital Lighting Management (DLM) suite of lighting control products, the LMUC-100 Digital Ultrasonic Ceiling-Mount Occupancy Sensor. Using ultrasonic diffusion technology, the LMUC-100 completes a 360-degree occupancy detection of a room to determine energy-efficient control of lighting and plug loads. The sensor includes an LCD display screen, push buttons for manual parameter changes, and an infrared transceiver, which allows wireless operation using a wireless configuration tool. Each sensor can be assigned a different load via Push n' Learn customization. As with all of the company's DLM products, the LMUC-100 occupancy sensor features Plug n' Go configuration technology that automatically identifies the components installed and configures them for the most energy-efficient sequence of operation possible. DLM products plug together on a Cat-5e local network. wattstopper.com


The GU24 family of housings and trims from Nora Lighting accepts interchangeable, self-ballasted GU24 compact fluorescent lamps in 13W, 18W, and 26W. The series includes six downlight models with 4-, 5-, and 6-inch apertures designed for new construction or retrofit applications. Some of the available CFL lamps deliver up to 30,000 hours of service and as much as 75 percent energy savings over incandescents, according to the manufacturer. The complete GU24 package includes the housing, the self-ballasted lamp, and a selection of trims. All of Nora's new CFL housings are California Title 24–compliant; the 6-inch version is Energy Star–rated. Fixtures are approved for insulated ceilings as well as damp locations. noralighting.com


Artemide's classic Tolomeo tasklight, designed by Michele De Lucchi and Giancarlo Fassina in 1987, now has an LED version available exclusively through Humanscale for the U.S. contract market. Featuring the same basic design as the original, the LED Tolomeo, according to Artemide, consumes 10W or less while producing as much light as a 75W incandescent lamp. Five 2W, 2800K diodes are tightly arranged within the housing and work with the lamp's lens to cast only one shadow on the work surface plane. Available in two sizes: Classic and Mini, the Classic stands more than 50 inches tall and can reach sideways up to 48 inches. The Mini stands 40 inches tall with a 38-inch reach. Both are available in white, black, and polished aluminum finishes. humanscale.com


Cooper Lighting designed its latest energy-efficient T8 parabolic luminaire for new construction applications as well as retrofits. According to the manufacturer, the two-lamp Metalux Optica HP Parabolic series can save more than 40 percent of energy costs when compared to a standard three-lamp parabolic. The series includes 2-foot-by-4-foot and 2-foot-by-2-foot luminaires, and two Optica HP Retrofit Kits for installation into 2-foot-by-4-foot or 2-foot-by-2-foot parabolic fixtures that are 2 inches to 5 inches deep. Available with 28W or 32W lamps, Optica HP combines a reflective matte white finish with glare-reducing faceted steel crossblades, for soft, even light distribution. cooperlighting.com