1 Experience Verner Panton's space age with Panto, designed in 1977. Available through 12Timer, the saucer-like reflectors within the acrylic lucite globe are available in red or white. circle 206 2 Add a splash of color with Rigid Drop from Resolute, shaded with Imago, an engineering resin that encapsulates fabrics, to create maximum versatility in transparency, color, and texture. circle 207 3 Go 'Goth' with La Murrina and its glass-blown Veneziano luminaire, a contemporary version of the classic chandelier that can have up to 3 tiers and 22 arms. circle 208 4 Save storage space with Cluster by Form Nasielsky, and keep 16 or 40 glasses (shown) hanging to create an unexpectedly beautiful and functional chandelier. circle 209 5 The environmentally conscious 100 percent-recycled Drop pendant from HereThere Designs casts a warm glow with an acaba fiber shade in the color of your choice. circle 210 6 It is hard to resist touching the wooden veneer sheets that make up Luzifer's Mikado shade, but easy to bask in its play of light and shadow. circle 211