Advance Transformer has spearheaded an online site, called LEDCentral (, for the sharing of information about LEDs and solid state lighting technology and the marketplace. The project has potential to provide a forum for the industry that has not existed, at least in this form.

One must register to utilize the various services, which include webinars and chat forums, as well as case studies and white papers, industry news updates (which refreshingly include relevant briefs from companies besides Advance), and a product selector. Sectors included in the site's range of information are automitive, illumination, signage, signal, and general.

Registration is free, but though the site has been operating for awhile, the interactive capabilities it offers seem sparsely utilized. (Since March there have only been 15 contributions to the illumination forum, and even fewer for the other sectors.) Likewise, the events component connects visitors to online offerings from the LRC, for example, but it doesn't have any webinar offerings of its own. The product selector is also thinly populated.

For a young technology, about which most still have questions, a centralized site like this has value, and will be more so if the industries involved in solid state lighting (automotive, architectural, signage, etc.) contribute to it.