The European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ECEEE) has issued a call for papers for its 2007 Summer Study, a weeklong session meant to provide policy makers, researchers, activists, and professionals with current insight into energy efficiency. Abstracts are due September 29.

The eighth annual Summer Study, which will take place in La Colle sur Loup in Southern France, will consist of nine panels during which papers will be presented. The panel themes are as follows:

Panel 1: The foundations of a future energy policy (Longer term strategies)
Panel 2: Strategies and general policies (Current and planned policies and initiatives)
Panel 3: Local and regional activities (Close to the action)
Panel 4: Monitoring and evaluation (Reality or illusions - how can we tell?)
Panel 5: Energy-efficient buildings
Panel 6: Products and appliances
Panel 7: Energy-efficient industries
Panel 8: Transport and mobility
Panel 9: Dynamics of consumption

Abstracts, no more than 250 words, must be submitted in English in a Microsoft Word document by e-mailing For more details, please visit the ECEEE's Call for Papers site.