The U.S. Department of Energy has increased and added to the criteria for compact fluorescent lightbulbs under the Energy Star program. The new Energy Star criteria have expanded the categories of CFLs covered to include smaller screw-in socket-based candelabra-style bulbs. Lamp color criteria have also become stricter. Manufacturers are now required to identify the color temperature of each CFL bulb, in one of six distinct color bins: 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4100K, 5000K, and 6500K. Also, effective Dec. 2, 2008, CFLs must contain less than 5 milligrams of mercury per bulb to qualify for the Energy Star label, and any CFL with a reflector, such as a spotlight, will have to meet high-heat testing requirements. In November 2008, a new requirement for independent third-party testing of all Energy Star-qualified CFLs will go into effect.