In July 2008, Cree announced the opening of the Cree Shenzhen Engineering Center in Shenzhen, China. Located within the Cree Shenzhen sales office, the center is dedicated to training lighting product designers and manufacturers in LED product design and construction. The courses were created for lighting product designers, manufacturers, and engineers. Individuals may sign up for classes through the Cree sales team, and while there is a qualifying process, they do not have to be current Cree customers to participate. Cree employees will evaluate LED designs for efficiency and performance, consult with customers on Cree XLamp LED-based designs, and teach courses conducted in Mandarin, that are expected to expand participants' knowledge and understanding of LED technology. The curriculum will touch on topics such as the basics of LEDs, color theory and measurement, optical design and circuitry design for driving XLamp LEDs. Classes range from a few hours to several days.