The American Institute of Architects (AIA) has launched a new campaign for green building design called "Walk the Walk." Designed to educate, promote, and encourage sustainable design among consumers, business owners, and architects, "Walk the Walk" focuses on promoting awareness of the benefits of more energy-efficient homes and buildings.

Two environmental toolkits are part of the campaign—the SustAIAnability 2030 toolkit and the 50to50 toolkit—and are designed to help architects and others reach the AIA's goals of a 50 percent fossil fuel-use reduction by 2010 and carbon neutral buildings by 2030.

The SustAIAnability 2030 toolkit highlights green building issues and provides samples of effective ordinance language for communities and examples of what others are already doing to pursue green building programs. It can be accessed online at The 50to50 toolkit offers a set of 50 strategies, tools, and techniques that can have an immediate impact on an architect's ability to achieve significant reductions in building energy use and carbon emissions. The toolkit is available online at