LEDs and Taking Control

The digital nature of solid-state lighting frees designers from wired connections.

Tesla Alums Develop a Series of Responsive LED Lamps

Alba is a collection of Web-enabled lamps developed by Stack Lighting, a Silicon Valley tech startup that is a newcomer to the lighting sector.

LEDs: Understanding Optical Performance

Solid-state lighting can offer unparalleled performance if accompanied by the right lenses and reflectors.

LEDs: Decoding Color Performance

Solid-state lighting is forcing the industry to examine longstanding metrics.

New Tech Gives Occupants Control of Lighting for Health

New luminaires for the home and workplace claim to improve occupant health by regulating the intensity and frequency of light.

LEDs Give Luminaires New Shape and More Functions

Integrated technology is bringing new form factors and roles to solid-state luminaires.

Crowdfunding Spurs Lighting Startups and Research

Crowdfunding is helping startups and research teams gain a competitive edge by securing consumer support before production starts.

3D Printing Opens Doors to Product Design and Tech Development

Additive manufacturing technology is yielding high-design and high-tech lamps, luminaires, and lighting systems.

LEDs: A Deep Dive in Dimming

By its nature, solid-state lighting can dim smoothly, but when paired with legacy technology, some outstanding issues may reappear. This is the second article in a multi-part series examining critical issues in solid-state lighting.


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