Tech Trends: Color Tunability Joins Manufacturers' Product Offering

Manufacturers are investing in the development of tunable white and color technology that aims to give designers and end-users more control over their space as its use requirements change.

Tech Trends: Lighting Manufacturers Share Tips on Specifying Fixtures for Multi-Year Projects

Rapid development in LED light-source technology is outstripping the pace of current project timelines, requiring manufacturers to help ensure a spec’s longevity.

Tech Trends: Solid-State Lighting Technology Adds New Functions to LED Luminaires

Integrating cameras, sensors, and more into luminaires transforms lighting into an entirely new delivery platform and raises questions from the point-of-sale to end-use.

Tech Trends: Smart Lamps Join Lighting Manufacturers' Product Portfolios

Internet-connected replacement lamps bring new players to the lighting market.

Technology: New Materials In Solid-State Lighting

Moldable silicones and other nascent technologies are setting the stage for more freedom in design.

Trumpfs TruLaser 1030 laser fabrication center cuts metal precisely.

Light Manufacturing: Then and Now

As consumers demand more solid-state luminaires, companies must update their factories and workflow.

Manufacturing Comparison: A Legacy Product Versus An LED Product

Bartco Lighting provides a side-by-side comparison of its production workflows for two of its luminaires.

The Task at Hand: New Display Technologies Require a Re-examination of Office Lighting Strategies

Advances in display technologies and work practices that involve more screen-based tasks require a re-examination of office lighting strategies.

2014 Year in Review: Four Key Lighting Technology Trends

From crowdfunding to 3D printing, last year’s innovations have the industry looking forward to what’s next.


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