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White Paper Compares Energy Efficient Glazings

Glass supplier PPG Industries has published "A Comparison of Energy, Economic and Environmental Benefits of Tinted Low-E Glasses," a white paper summarizing a comparative analysis of four commonly specified tinted, low-emissivity (low-E) glasses. The paper reviews a study conducted by the Architectural Energy Corporation that compared the energy-saving performance of Solarban z50 glass by PPG to three common architectural glazings: dual-pane tinted glass, pyrolytic low-E tinted glass, and Magnetron Sputtering Vacuum Deposition low-E tinted glass.The study showed that Solarban z50 glass can reduce annual energy consumption in a standard glass-walled, eight-story office building by up to 10 percent, or more than $60,000, when specified instead of dual-pane tinted glass.A copy of the white paper can be ordered through PPG's Web site: More

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Mirage Square

The Mirage Square wallwasher from Lucifer features a highly-polished internal kick reflector with a frosted lens, which eliminates scallops and hot spots. The 4-1/4-inch-square fixture features a 2-inch-square aperture, and provides for tuneable lighting effects. It can hold ultraviolet or color-correction lenses; and can be flush mounted or flanged and installed in recessed non-insulated or insulated housings. Lamp options include 50W MR16s or 39HID metal halide. More

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M2901 Series

The medium- and long-throw high-intensity M2901 Series is designed for a 100W PAR38 ceramic metal halide lamp. The extruded aluminum housing has an integral thermally protected electronic ballast. There is a self-locking feature for both horizontal and vertical focusing, and the capacity for accessories: color filters, spread lenses, louvers, light-blocking screens, and UV-blocking filters. Available in five finishes, it measures 6 5/16 inches high by 10 inches wide. More

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