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Ardee Lighting

A family of square-shaped downlights, ModuleX-CF includes two interchangeable flange styles and six trim choices. The line accommodates energy-efficient single-mount triple or dual-mount quad-tube compact florescent lamps and can be used alone, in groups, or in grid patterns. Its flat steel or aluminum housings can fit into shallow plenums, and dimming ballasts, emergency battery backup, and wet-location listing are available. More

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Navilite NVS1 and NXP Series

Housing 12 LEDs for a red light or 6 for green, the high-impact thermoplastic LED exit sign (NXP Series) has a slim snap-fit faceplate and housing for easy maintenance. The NVS1 clear polycarbonate vandal shield can be added for an extra level of protection from flying objects without obscuring the sign?s visibility or diminishing its light output. In the event of a power outage, the NXPB (Battery Backup) Series can remain illuminated for 90 minutes. More

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Power Sentry family

As a result of their reduced profile (2.19 inches wide and 1.18 inches high), the Power Sentry fluorescent battery packs can be used in tight applications, including low-profile lensed troffers and 3-inch louvered parabolic fixtures. Upon power interruption, the battery pack automatically operates a 2 to 4 inch or U-shaped T8 or a T12 fluorescent lamp at reduced light output for 90 minutes. They are compatible with electronic T8 and magnetic T12, instant start, rapid start, and slimline ballasts. More

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Advent Sebring

Lamped with a 26W to 42W compact fluorescent, the Advent Sebring wall sconce is powered with a battery back up for up to 90 minutes in the event of a power failure. The brushed aluminum housing is available a choice of 37 paint colors and the accent finishes are offered in brushed, polished solid, or chrome-plated polished brass. Optional colored gel inserts come in red, orange, green, or blue. More

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Architectural Area Lighting

The Universe Collection Bollard contains a modular fixture system that allows you to mix and match luminous elements with hood shapes and finishes to fit your lighting criteria. IES cutoff optics are available to meet Dark Sky ordinances. Options include House Side Shields and Battery Backup systems for egress lighting applications. www.aal. More

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Trestar 924

The Trestar 924 is a three-phase uninterruptible power supply for central emergency lighting systems that provides a 90-minute backup during blackouts. The valve-regulated, lead-acid battery has a 10-year design-life at 77 degrees, and fully recharges in less than 72 hours. Accessed from the front and top, dimensions vary based on capacity, which ranges from 10 to 75 kW. More

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