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Tsunamis Disaster Relief Aid

As 2004 draws to a close, the editors of A|L would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year, and say thank you for your support of the magazine over the past year. In light of the recent earthquake and related tsunamis disaster in Sumatra, we encourage our design professional colleagues to visit the More

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LEDtronics Sends Flashlights to Pakistan

In response to the devastating earthquake that struck northwest Pakistan on October 8, Pakistani-American Pervaiz Lodhie, owner of More

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Juno Lighting's Konczyk to Host Charity Golf Outing

It is not unusual to hear about large donations being given to industry associations or educational outlets with industry-related degree programs, or even competitions sponsored by manufacturers, but Juno Lighting's Michael G. Konczyk has taken charity to the next level. More

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Tsunamis Disaster Relief

In light of the recent earthquake and related tsunamis disaster in Sumatra, we encourage our design professional colleagues to visit the Architecture for Humanity website, to learn how you can help with relief efforts. Links to several relief organizations are also available on The American Institute for Architects website at More

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This year, architectural lighting's editors were compelled by the good intentions of several manufacturers to make the world a better place-with products that give a nod to the ideas of reuse and recycling, or that offer a hand to struggling communities in places such as Columbia, Indonesia, and Africa. While not an overwhelming trend, it is a rustling in the bushes that deserves attention. We also recognized the ever-intensifying industry attention to products that embrace the notion of daylight as an essential design tool. Lastly, we were very interested to learn of a new ballast, designed to aid the overburdened power grid-and in the process, save energy-currently being developed by the Lighting Research Center. More

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Design community and industry Provide Disaster Relief responses

in what is becoming an all too familiar scene, individuals and organizations alike, are being called on to respond to the devastating effects of natural disasters abroad and at home. Whether it be the Southeast Asian tsunami in December 2004, or the more recent hurricanes Katrina and Rita, these events have had a monumental impact physically and psychologically. Everyone is affected to one degree or another, and our response-or what some would argue in the wake of Katrina is the lack of response-will impact us for generations to come. While there will be plenty of time later to point fingers, there is real work being done now. These natural disasters provide architecture, urban planning, engineering, historic preservation, and design professionals an opportunity to use their skills to make a contribution greater than just a financial donation alone could provide. More

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