2006 Product Issue

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Euro ES | Highlites

The Euro ES series provides unobtrusive emergency lighting in a contemporary design for commercial, institutional, and industrial environments. By recessing the fixture into accessible ceilings or walls, only the trim plate and two yoke-mounted, multi-directional halogen lamp heads (rotatable through 180 degrees) are visible. The housing is constructed from 22-gauge steel and is finished with corrosion-resistant white powder-coat paint. www.highliteslighting.com More

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Nightsearcher | Maxi 2000

This rechargeable portable floodlight, for use indoors and out, provides emergency lighting for up to 10 hours from a single charge. Powered by a 42W compact fluorescent, the newly designed reflector produces a brilliant white light that is the approximate equivalent of a 300W lamp. The fixture has no trailing cables and no halogen heat risk. A rapid response unit is also available. www.nightsearcher.com More

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Staco Energy Products | Trestar 924

The Trestar 924 is a three-phase uninterruptible power supply for central emergency lighting systems that provides a 90-minute backup during blackouts. The valve-regulated, lead-acid battery has a 10-year design-life at 77 degrees, and fully recharges in less than 72 hours. Accessed from the front and top, dimensions vary based on capacity, which ranges from 10 to 75 kW. More

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This low-profile, fluorescent emergency ballast features universal input and high lumen output, and operates for up to 90 minutes with a number of lamp types and wattages including: 14W to 54W standard T5 or T5HOs; 17W to 55W standard 8 or T8HOs; or 36W to 55W 4-pin compact fluorescents. The ballast automatically performs monthly and annual code-required testing, measures 22 1/4 inches long by 1 inch wide by 1 inch high, and is suitable for damp locations. More

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Architectural Emergency Light, Sure-Lites

Designed as a sconce, this emergency luminaire blends with decorative interiors to offer an attractive alternative to standard emergency lighting. The housing is constructed of die-cast aluminum with an integral refractive polycarbonate lens, which supports three 6V, 6W high-output Xenon lamps. Measuring 10 7/8 inches wide by 7 inches tall by 3 7/8 inches deep, the fixture includes a maintenance-free, sealed nickel-cadmium battery that fully recharges in 24 hours. More

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