Situated on the 44th floor of the Westin New York in Times Square, the Renewal Suite, created to reflect the hotel's new brand positioning around organic well-being for its guests, offers sweeping views of the Hudson River. Drawing on the popularity of day spas, the hotel has transformed an 1,100-square-foot-space into a personal oasis, where travel-weary guests can rejuvenate.

Working with the established interior design, Focus Lighting chose indirect sources for a soft and comfortable light; one that would embody the suite's therapeutic atmosphere. As always, a few theatrical elements were included to ensure a memorable stay.

Entering through a decompression chamber, guests emerge into the suite, which contains a living area, Zen gym, bedroom, and spa. In the living area, recessed low-voltage strips are concealed in ceiling coves for a soft ambient glow throughout the space. A custom decorative wall with dimmable LED flicker candles, partly obscured by a wooden frame, provides a soothing alternative to the flat-screen television hanging on an adjacent wall.

In the spa, the majority of light is provided by low-voltage strips placed behind frosted glass around the perimeter of the ceiling. The theatrics begin with the color-changing chromatherapeutic bathtub and its four underwater three-color LED fixtures. Taking this concept into the bedroom, the design team recessed a color-changing headboard into the wall, which allows guests to create soothing color combinations. With the LED controls integrated into the main lighting control system, the headboard can be turned on and off with the room lighting, and a bedside color dial can be used to change the color of the headboard. As with the rest of the lighting, the option to customize the suite's atmosphere is simple. A decal was developed to describe the various functions and effects that can be achieved with the color dial. 'I love the idea of creating interactive spaces where the users can take ownership of their environment,' Cummings explains; however, 'we also wanted to create a serene atmosphere with a good balance of lighting,' he says. And balance is key to good ying and yang.