Lucifer Lighting

The DL66ZP recessed round wallwash downlight features an angled lamp holder for even wallwashing. It is constructed of stainless steel with an integral silicone gasket to prevent water intrusion; a sealed, die-cast, wide aperture; and a baffle to minimize aperture glare. It can take a variety of sources from halogen to LEDs, is offered in five finishes, and can accommodate two additional lenses and/or louvers.


Schmitz Nordic
Measuring just under 1 ½ inches thick, the minimal Schmitz Nordic stainless steel luminaire is offered in three heights: approximately 12 inches, 20 inches, and 29 ½ inches. It takes six 1W LEDs and can be fitted with a ribbed or anodized aluminum reflector. The smallest model also can be mounted horizontally at a 45-degree angle.

Engineered Lighting Products

The AWW is an adjustable wallwash fixture that can be easily adjusted from below (up to 45 degrees) to give a sharp cutoff at the top of the surface that is to be illuminated. Available with T5 and Biax lamps, it comes in 2- or 4-foot lengths for recessed, surface, or pendant installations; can be spaced at 8-foot centers; and is equipped with high-purity aluminum reflectors for an even, unscalloped light.

Con-Tech Lighting

22W Stealth Wall Wash
The 22W Stealth Wall Wash ceramic metal halide track fixture is not only compact and energy efficient, but it delivers high-performance light output, too. The low-profile luminaire produces an even light distribution throughout its beam, and vertical and horizontal cutoff allows precision wallwashing capabilities with 70 percent efficiency and spacing of 4 feet on center.


A contemporary downlight family, BASYS provides efficiencies as high as 81 percent, contains a lower parabolic reflector with a 45-degree cutoff, and includes 4- and 6-inch-aperture models that take ceramic metal halide, compact fluorescent, and low-voltage lamp sources. Functions include uniform wallwashing, hot aiming, and pull-down relamping.