W2 Architectural Lighting

Vamp LED Spotlights
Developed for the specification market, VAMP LED Spotlights have a clean, architectural look with cylindrical forms and silicone accents. They can be mounted to the company's single- and two-circuit track systems, have aiming indicators and accessory holders that can take up to three filter mediums, and are lockable and adjustable without tools. In addition to 9W, 18W, and 30W LED models, the fixtures can accommodate halogen and high-intensity discharge lamps.

Nora Lighting

A series of 10 low-wattage ceramic metal halide and low-voltage track fixtures for retail and commercial installations, Vanguard offers optimal color and lumen performance with the flexibility of tracklighting. Featuring a contemporary design with a die-cast aluminum housing, it has a cool-to-the-touch hot-aiming wand for optical alignment and easily adjustable lamps. Finishes include black, silver and white.

Lighting Services Inc.

Serpentine Series
The first design in a new line of energy-efficient metal halide fixtures, the Serpentine Series, constructed of die-cast aluminum, was created for the 20W and 39W metal halide T4 lamp. The luminaire features angle setting and locking ability for horizontal and vertical control, and a computer-designed, highly specular field-changeable reflector. It has beam spreads of 8, 15, or 30 degrees and four standard finishes.

Cooper Lighting

Halo Track Current Limiter
With the Track Current Limiter from Halo, a Cooper Lighting brand, energy consumption can be controlled to exact requirements, making it easy to supply the correct load for tracklighting applications. Available as end-feed or center-feed, the device can be used with the company's Power-Trac single-circuit and two-circuit track systems, and with the Lazer single-circuit track. Five circuit breaker sizes are available from 120W to 1,200W.


Buschfeld Lightlight Quad
A family of pendant and system luminaires, the Buschfeld LightLight Quad collection includes numerous options, from triple-mounted pendants to directional spotlights. Each is mounted on a 5-inch canopy plate, a low-voltage LightLight Pend/Ceiling track system, or a linear flat canopy (available in various lengths), and all take a Ministar reflector lamp. The Quad Flex-P spotlight for accent lighting (shown) is rotatable 360 degrees and tiltable 180 degrees.