To celebrate ARCHITECTURAL LIGHTING's 25th anniversary, the magazine held an event at Jack Studios in New York City on Dec. 8. More than 400 guests representing all facets of the lighting community from design to manufacturing gathered to acknowledge the magazine's 25-year milestone and to celebrate light itself. The evening's festivities were organized around three sets of Pecha Kucha–style presentations (12 in total) and 14 manufacturer-sponsored lighting installations. (Ceelite and Illumitex were bar sponsors.) The Pecha Kucha presenters and all the sponsors were asked to envision what the future of lighting might hold and how innovation in lighting design and emerging technologies contribute to the way in which we think about illumination and architectural space.

The sponsors' installations, which you can see on the following pages, highlight a diversity of thinking when it comes to light's potential. From creative placemaking to the transformation of lighting technology itself, in the creation of each of these presentations, the sponsors were able to wear their designer's hat as they offered their take on the future of lighting. There was no shortage of engaging ideas and guests were treated to displays as intriguing as they were artistic.

The event was a dynamic evening filled with great conversation, ideas, and visuals. Light's creative and technical potential was on full display, with all of its limitless possibilities, as AL and the lighting community envisioned the next 25 years and beyond.