The tools of the architect and lighting designer are numerous. In this issue, ARCHITECTURAL LIGHTING's annual product guide, the latest manufacturer offerings are presented—over 150 products in 14 categories. Amazing, that there are so many lighting and lighting-related products a designer can choose from, which all provide technical and aesthetic solutions for a myriad of lighting conditions.

Each year as the editors of A|L sort through the product submissions for this particular issue certain trends emerge, and this year is no exception. One area of notable new offerings is luminaires designed for healthcare environments, specifically linear fixtures for patient bed areas that provide indirect and direct illumination for improved task lighting.

After several years of trying to find their place in architectural lighting applications beyond the usual color-changing effects, light emitting diodes (LEDs) seem to have come into their own. Manufacturers are now utilizing LEDs in luminaries where this type of light source makes sense— for example outdoor lighting—and issues of maintenance and accessibility come into play. Additionally, LED white light color temperature range capabilities continue to become more refined, as well as the tools to understand how to modulate this type of light source.

Another trend that should come as no surprise is energy efficiency, and manufacturers continue to call attention to this aspect of their product offerings, from lamps to controls to whole fixture assemblies. Concurrently, categories have emerged, such as Daylighting and Solar Control, which respond to the integration of sustainable design techniques, and these product offerings have become mainstream, not relegated to specialty items.

There are sure to be many new luminaries and lighting related products discovered as conference and trade show season begins. A|L will be your eyes and ears at upcoming events including Euroluce, the American Institute of Architects National Convention, and Lightfair. As always, A|L will continue to bring its readers the latest in lighting products and technology. Click the links below; the lighting product class of 2007 requires your attention.

2007 Annual Product Guide