Originally launched in 2004, the Architectural Lighting Industry Exchange is meant as a forum between the magazine and its readers. Having spent the better part of 2011 conducting research for AL's 25th Anniversary issue, of great importance were the numerous opportunities I had in which to speak with lighting designers and lighting industry professionals. That has always been one of the great privileges of this job and the longer I continue my work as editor I am reminded of all the people I have yet to speak with and all the people I've never had the opportunity to meet or talk with in depth. So, for the re-launch of the AL Industry Exchange question I ask you: If you could invite five people in lighting-alive or dead-to dinner for a memorable conversation, who would you invite? I know who I'd invite, and I'll be posting my response to this question shortly. And as always, if there is a question or a topic you'd like to see posted, please let me know.

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