The PGL7 LED parking garage fixture head mounts to a 4-inch junction box in the ceiling and uses Kim Lighting's MicroEmitter modules to aim the beam distribution of individual LED clusters for wide or narrow illumination without creating excessive glare. An advanced dual thermal system transmits and dissipates heat away from the LED components to extend their lifespan, while the modules' internal thermal monitor prevents overheating. The 18-inch-wide, 7½-inch-high PGL7 LED is available in three standard color temperatures—1700K, 3500K, and 5100K—and offers a choice of four occupancy sensors. Platinum silver (standard), white, and custom colors are

The Spot model of outdoor fixtures in the Belvedere collection (designed by architect Antonio Citterio) is available in three sizes—9.9 inches, 19.7 inches, and 35.4 inches. The luminaire has three light source options: 11.8W remote phosphor LED, collection of six 1W power LEDs, or a 20W mini compact discharge lamp. The fixture also is offered with the option of one or two adjustable projectors with vertical and horizontal rotation. A four-phase finishing process combines a cast-aluminum alloy, anodized surfacing, a polyester powdercoat, and a layer of vinyl with metallic-effect pigments and anti-corrosive properties. The Belvedere Spot meets IP67 and IP68 standards and comes with a 5.4-inch round base to stand on floor or tile, or a stake for in-ground installations.

The latest addition to LSI's Crossover series of LED parking garage lighting solutions is the XPG HL, a high-lumen fixture that meets the Illuminating Engineering Society's RP-20-98 criteria (recommended practices for designing fixed lighting for parking facilities) for spacing and mounting height. According to the manufacturer, the Crossover XPG HL's LED source uses 50 percent to 65 percent less energy than high-intensity discharge sources and is compatible with surveillance cameras in security systems. With full cutoff optics, the fixture boasts a minimum 60,000 to 100,000 hours expected life, a slim 71/8-inch profile, and an IP67 rating. The Crossover XPG HL connects to a rigid ¾-inch pendant mount or 4-inch octagonal box for direct-surface mounting. Quick mounting or a hook-cord-plug assembly also are options.

Designed by architect Kostas Syrtariotis, this oversized floor luminaire doubles as a bench and can be arranged in several configurations, including circular and serpentine formations. Each arc-shaped unit is made of stainless steel and a durable, white, plastic composite. The indoor/outdoor luminaire measures 43¾ inches by 21¾ inches and 175/8 inches tall, and uses a 23W fluorescent lamp for an E27 socket.

Designed with a modern sensibility to public area lighting, the Tornado bollard is available in two models: the TNA with asymmetric light distribution and the TNS with a symmetric light pattern. The TNA is intended for areas where only perimeter lighting is needed, such as pathways, curbs, and driveways. The TNS can be placed in open plazas and commercial centers, where illumination is needed on both sides of the bollard. Either Tornado model can be specified with metal halide (39W to 100W), high-pressure sodium (50W to 100W), or compact fluorescent (26W to 42W) sources, or a new proprietary LED system. A microprism lens is incorporated for diffused illumination and the housing is constructed from a corrosion-resistant low-copper cast-aluminium alloy with a powdercoat finish.

Available in flush, tempered matte glass (8688LED, shown) or white glass (3822LED), Bega's recessed wall LED luminaires can be installed in any vertical or horizontal surface, according to the manufacturer. The housing comprises an aluminum outer ring surrounding a stainless-steel inner ring. The matte glass luminaire uses a 0.5W LED source, while the white glass option uses a 1.5W LED source. Both luminaires use 24V DC, measure 1.9 inches in diameter, are UL-listed, and meet IP67 standards, making them suitable for outdoor as well as indoor installations.