1 Apply your appreciation for building blocks to Glide's TwistTogether Lamp, and arrange its 4-inch-square LED light blocks to your liking with the easy key-and-twist lock mechanism. circle 200 2 Mio's laser-cut-steel Bendant Lamp in lemon, white, or silver comes flat-packed, its leaf-like sections a clean slate to selectively bend for completely customizable light. circle 201 3 For ultimate versatility try UnderCover by Le Klint. Up to four inner shades, six transparent base colors, and a variety of designs can be interchanged to match any environment. circle 202 4 You lean, we lean... Ilene by Pablo has an adjustable counterweight suspension that allows multiple angles and shade heights. It is available in both a table and floor version. circle 203 5 Seamlessly integrate all lighting in the home with Lutron's HomeWorks, and orchestrate the system anywhere, from a wall location to a mobile phone. circle 204 6 With a simple hand movement, Mathmos' unique switching and dimming mechanism puts Airswitch's technology under your command. circle 205