Dear Lighting Industry Manufacturer,

ARCHITECT and ARCHITECTURAL LIGHTING, in their continued support of the IALD Education Trust Fund, have each donated a full page of ad space toward the 2008 Trust Fund Dinner held in Las Vegas on May 29.

The IALD Education Trust provides scholarships directly to students for the purpose of promoting the study of lighting design. Scholarships awarded in the last three years totaled $23,000. Also, the Trust funds the attendance of seven winners at LIGHTFAIR International, where the scholarships are presented.

Participating in the auction is an excellent way to support the work of the Trust and at the same time promote your marketing message to the core US audience of lighting designers, architects and other lighting specifiers.

Each ad page will be auctioned to the highest bidder during a bid process to take place from July 1 through October 22, 2008. During this time, please submit your bid via email to Current Bids are $3,500 for ARCHITECTURAL LIGHTING and $3,500 for ARCHITECT.

Manufacturers may bid on both pages if desired. Winning bidders must run their ad pages in calendar year 2008. Also, ad pages must be incremental to 2008 space already run or scheduled to run prior to publication of any auction related ads.

Your ad in A|L will be seen by 30,000 subscribers (total audience: 120,000). In ARCHITECT, your message will be seen by 60,000 architects from the largest firms in the US (total audience: 156,000).***

Please contact Russ Ellis at should you have any questions and be sure to get your bid in prior to October 22, 2008, midnight EST. Bid via e-mail at:

All the Best,

Russ Ellis
Publisher, Architectural Lighting/Architect magazines

***Circulation sources: BPA December 2007 audit statement, ARCHITECT and A|L; 2007 Signet ADSTUDY, ARCHITECT and A|L