The International Association of Lighting Designers' (IALD) participation at Greenbuild 2006, the largest green building conference in the United States, was a positive return on investment based on the response given by visitors to the association's tabletop exhibit. Greenbuild, the annual conference of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), marks the second exposition, in recent history, at which the IALD has exhibited outside of the traditional lighting industry venues.

Held November 4-16, 2006, at the Denver Colorado Convention Center, the show attracted 13,500 visitors. Exhibit hall presence brought nearly 1000 attendees to the IALD's tabletop exhibit. Particular interest focused on the IALD's Guidelines for Specification Integrity, Advocates of Quality Lighting brochure, and to receive information about the IALD Annual Conference—Enlighten 2007—scheduled for October 11-13, 2007, in Montreal, Canada.

IALD staff manned the exhibit booth, along with the help of IALD members Nancy Clanton, Carol Jones, Insiya Divan, Stefan Graf, Mark Loeffler, and Faith Baum. All familiar with sustainability in lighting, this group of lighting professionals informally polled booth visitors to asses their familiarity with the IALD, and the IALD as a resource for hiring independent lighting designers for projects. Of the 1000-plus visitors, comprised of architects, educators, engineers, building owners, developers, building product manufacturers, and specialized consultants, only less than half indicated that they had heard of the IALD. But thanks to the presence of the IALD booth, and efforts by IALD staff and members in attendance, visitors were interested to learn of the IALD, its purpose, and its membership. Many conference attendees expressed a need for including lighting designers on current projects, and planned to visit the IALD web site to locate a lighting designer in their community.

Marsha L. Turner is the executive vice president of the IALD.