• Border Lines

    Light plays a critical role in meeting both the design and security requirements for U.S. land port of entry stations.

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    GSA Regional Field Office Building

    A secondary glass façade provides sun shading and softens visual boundaries.

  • DOE Modifies L•Prize PAR 38 Competition Requirements

    The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has announced plans to modify the competition requirements for the L Prize's PAR 38 category. On Jan. 5, the DOE temporarily suspended the PAR 38 portion of the competition, and entries will not be accepted until that category reopens in May. The 60W replacement...

  • Green Lighting Icon

    Lighting designer Nancy Clanton is justifiably proud of her firm's involvement with the Empire State Building's ambitious green makeover.

  • Shimmer Wall, Raleigh, N.C.

    When the city of Raleigh, N.C., envisioned its new 500,000-square-foot convention center, displaying the building's massive air-conditioning system was not part of the design strategy. But given the building's prominent downtown location with all four elevations in public view, there was no “back...

  • Alexander Hamilton U.S. Custom House

    outstanding achievement | exterior lighting

  • U.S. Capitol Dome Goes Green

    A plan is in motion as part of that program to update the exterior lighting scheme used to illuminate the Capitol Dome to improve efficiency, color, and maintenance.

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    Highlight: House of Sweden

    With the recently completed House of Sweden in Washington, D.C., this Nordic nation has created a “home away from home.” Located in Georgetown, on a prime waterfront site overlooking the banks of the Potomac River and bordering Rock Creek, the building celebrates the country's Scandinavian...

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    Haus im Haus

    It seems only fitting that Haus im Haus (a house in a house), a project designed to provide new business service facilities for the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, should be located inside the Börsenhalle, the city's historic stock exchange building built in 1841 and long-time central meeting place of...

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    Custom House, New York City

    The Alexander Hamilton U.S. Custom House, a 1907 Cass Gilbert masterpiece at the southernmost tip of Manhattan, contains many treasures. Portraits of explorers and carved wooden screens in the old collector's office vie to capture the visitor's eye, often losing out to the colorful fresco cycle of...

  • Oklahoma State Capitol Dome

    Some projects take a few years to complete and others take decades; the latter was the case with the Oklahoma State Capitol Dome. The building was nearing completion just as the United States was entering World War I. Materials slated for the capitol were diverted to the war effort, and given the...


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