Toshio Kaneko

Gifu Media Cosmos | Tokyo
Lighting Planners Associates | Tokyo

The dynamic architectural forms of Pritzker Prize–winning architect Toyo Ito meet dynamic lighting solutions in this facility, which houses a library, gallery, multipurpose hall, and community center. Lighting Planners Associates developed the electric lighting in response to daylighting studies by Arup and a brief to reduce energy consumption by 50 percent. In the skylit reading room, umbrella-shaped “globes,” each with their own textile pattern, hang from the timber ceiling to create spaces for reading, writing, and lounging. Sensors drive ambient lighting and tasklighting on cloudy days. —E.D.
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Product presentation is the focus at the Bolon Flagship store in Shanghai.
Shuhe Architectural Photography Product presentation is the focus at the Bolon Flagship store in Shanghai.

Bolon Eyewear | Shanghai
Pfarré Lighting Design | Munich

At the first-ever retail store for Bolon Eyewear, China’s largest eyeglasses manufacturer, lighting designer Gerd Pfarré partnered with Stuttgart, Germany–based Ippolito Fleitz Group to create a customized, sculptural display wall. Dozens of horizontal and vertical panels, which the designers dubbed “display fins,” are lit from behind and above. Each horizontal fin holds a model in the retailer’s line, each floating on its own mini stage. Key to achieving the dramatic visual effect was ensuring that no light from the ceiling hit the vertical surfaces. Instead, LED downlights in the ceiling aim straight down to the floor, creating an evenly distributed glow on the white marble, which is then reflected on the gold-toned ceiling above. —E.E.D.
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The main dining area called “The Marketplace.”
Murray Fredericks The main dining area called “The Marketplace.”

Sean’s Kitchen | Adelaide, Australia
Point of View | Sydney

At Sean’s Kitchen Adelaide, Sydney-based interior design firm Alexander & Co. transformed part of a landmark railway station into a Roaring Twenties–style New York brasserie. To help create a Gatsby-esque ambiance for the double-height space, lighting designers Point of View created a series of custom decorative fixtures using brass fittings. Custom-designed floor lamps that resemble streetlights illuminate the main dining area called “The Marketplace.” Decorative pendants and concealed lighting strips accent the table areas and a ring of light along the wood-paneled wall of the mezzanine level, referred to as “The Distillery,” draws diners’ eyes up to the original barrel-vaulted ceiling. —B.L.
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3500K was selected as the color temperature for all the fixtures to support the bank's blue corporate color scheme and the material palette that includes warm wood tones.
Steve Tsai 3500K was selected as the color temperature for all the fixtures to support the bank's blue corporate color scheme and the material palette that includes warm wood tones.

Bank of Montreal | Toronto Main Branch
Lightbrigade Architectural Lighting Design | Toronto

With the redesign of its corporate identity and its flagship branch in Toronto’s busy Financial District, the Bank of Montreal aimed to elevate customer experience to one where transparency, service, and simplicity took priority. Lightbrigade helped transform the 26,000-square-foot space, which consists of a main floor with a mezzanine. Using the existing architectural 10-foot-by-10-foot grid and the 27-foot-high ceiling, Lightbrigade replaced the existing system of louvers suspended below fluorescent troffers with surface-mounted linear LEDs that have continuous illuminated intersections. The selection of 3500K as the color temperature throughout supported the bank’s blue corporate color scheme. The branch now presents a vibrant face to the surrounding city. —E.E.D.
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Marcus Ebener

LWL—Museum of Art and Culture | Münster, Germany
Licht Kunst Licht | Berlin and Bonn, Germany

For the LWL—Museum of Art and Culture’s renovation and addition, lighting design firm Licht Kunst Licht has created a scheme where light defines the architecture. Both the original structure, which dates to 1908, and the addition are organized around a series of courtyards. The three-story foyer in the new addition features a glazed skylight with a membrane ceiling below, so whether the sky is sunny or overcast, visitors have a connection to the outside as light and shadow render the interior. A custom lighting solution for the galleries employs a perimeter band of ceiling panels backlit with fluorescent fixtures. Throughout, the designers have integrated both natural and electric light to create a luminous environment for viewing art. —E.D.
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Master Plan | City of Valenciennes, France
Concepto | Bagneaux, France

The City of Valenciennes in northern France underwent its first lighting master plan in 1997, with an ambitious illumination agenda that included 89 individual locations. By 2010, the size of the original project had overwhelmed the city and many of the sites were no longer working or being maintained. In 2011, with an engaged new mayor and administration, Valenciennes entered into a public–private partnership with Bouygues Energie & Services, a company that provides installation of infrastructure and energy management and maintenance services for large-scale projects. They in turn enlisted lighting designer Roger Narboni and his team at Concepto for their guidance in creating a new lighting master plan for the city. First, Concepto had to determine which of the existing sites should be re-lit. Forty-one of those made the cut, along with nine new sites. The plan (above) creates two walks through the city: one along the north–south main commercial thoroughfare, highlighted by vertically oriented orange-colored luminaires (top), and another that runs east–west along the city’s cultural corridor, highlighted by custom-designed blue glass lanterns. Weaving the sites together are a series of “nocturnal interludes” (left), outdoor spaces illuminated with decorative lighting elements and light projections that draw people outside to safely enjoy the evening. The result has been transformative, breathing new life into the city and giving residents newfound reason to connect with its cultural heritage and industrial past. —E.D.
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The hotel's main entry features historic architectural details complemented by contemporary finishes.
© 2016 Waldorf Astoria The hotel's main entry features historic architectural details complemented by contemporary finishes.

Waldorf Astoria | Amsterdam
dpa Lighting Consultants | Clifton, England

The Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam is housed in a collection of six 17th- and 18th-century palaces on the Herengracht Canal that were given a sensitive and understated renovation. The lighting follows suit with a scheme that embellishes the historic architecture with layers of discreetly concealed luminaires and fixtures sympathetic to the period. An intelligent control system activates the lighting with themes designed to respond to the drastically variable sunlight that reaches northern Europe throughout the year, as well as with a variety of evening presets. This combination of high-tech and historical sensitivity keeps the project firmly rooted in its elegant Amsterdam context while placing it on par with the most advanced of international hotels. —A.S.
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John MacLean

HSBC—Quai des Bergues | Geneva
Seam Design | London

Global financial house HSBC’s new private banking headquarters is located on the lakefront Quai des Bergues, in one of Geneva’s most prestigious historic neighborhoods, where seven 18th-century buildings have been combined into a single modern workplace. London-based lighting firm Seam Design was tasked with creating a lighting scheme that would ensure the privacy of the client while creating a secure yet open and welcoming working environment for the bank’s employees. The LED lighting works in concert with the contemporary architectural detailing and plays off the white walls and finish selections of wood and glass to create a fluid design, where architecture and light meld into one. —E.D.
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Project: Gifu Media Cosmos, Gifu City, Japan • Client: Gifu City • Architect: Toyo Ito & Associates, Architects, Tokyo • Lighting Designer: Lighting Planners Associates, Tokyo • Mechanical and Electrical Engineer: Otaki Setsubi • Additional Consultants: Fujie Kazuko Atelier (furniture); Mikiko Ishikawa, University of Tokyo, School of Engineering, Mikiko Ishikawa Laboratory (landscape); Arup (sustainability consultant) • Project Size: 15,444.24 square meters (166,240 square feet) (gross floor area) • Project Cost: ¥5.95 billion ($50.20 million) • Lighting Costs: Not Applicable • Code Compliance: Not Applicable • Watts per Square Meter: 5.9W for entrance, public space, open space; 17.5W for studio and meeting room; 12.4W for offices and working areas; 9.7W for multipurpose hall; 10.4W for semi-closed stack room; 8.2W for library; 0.5W for landscape (wattages figured with motion and daylight sensor, dimming control, and individual local switch) • Lighting Manufacturers: Daiko; DN Lighting; Iwasaki; Modulex; Panasonic; Yamada Shomei Lighting; Yamagiwa • Related Project Building Materials Manufacturers: Sakase Adtech Co. (Triaxial woven fabric of polyester fiber for globes); Yoko Ando Design (Custom non-woven textile)

Project: Bolon Eyewear, Shanghai • Client: Xiamen Artgri Optical Co. • Lighting Designer: Pfarré Lighting Design, Munich • Interior Designer: Ippolito Fleitz Group, Stuttgart, Germany • Photographer: Shuhe Architectural Photography, Beijing • Project Size: 97 square meters (1,044 square feet) • Project and Lighting Costs: Withheld • Code Compliance: Not Applicable • Watts per Square Meter: 27W • Lighting Manufacturers: Custom-made luminaires provided by Fushida

Project: Sean’s Kitchen, Adelaide, Australia • Client: SkyCity Adelaide • Interior Designer: Alexander & Co., Redfern, New South Wales, Australia • Lighting Designer: Point of View, Sydney • Project Size: 413 square meters (4,445 square feet) • Project and Lighting Costs: Withheld • Code Compliance: Building Code of Australia/AS1680 • Watts per Square Meter: 17W • Manufacturers: acdc Lighting; Boom; Davey Lighting; Filix; IBL Lighting; Light Force; Lucent Lighting; Masson for Light; Meyer; Schoolhouse Electric; Vuelite

Project: BMO Bank of Montreal—Toronto Main Branch, Toronto • Client: BMO Bank of Montreal • Architect: Kearns Mancini Architects, Toronto • Lighting Designer: Lightbrigade Architectural Lighting Design, Toronto • Project Size: 26,000 square feet • Project and Lighting Costs: Not Available • Code Compliance: ASHRAE 90.1-2010 • Watts per Square Foot: Not Available
• Lighting Manufacturers: Ardron-Mackie; Philips Lightolier; Selux

Project: LWL—Museum of Art and Culture, Münster, Germany • Client: Landschaftsverband Westfalen Lippe, Münster • Architect: Staab Architekten, Berlin • Lighting Designer: Licht Kunst Licht, Berlin and Bonn, Germany • Exhibition Designer: Space4, Stuttgart, Germany • Szenographic Exhibition Lighting: LDE Belzner Holmes, Stuttgart • Project Size: 19,375 square feet • Project Cost: $35 million • Lighting Cost: $1.5 million • Code Compliance and Watts per Square Foot: Not Applicable • Lighting Manufacturers: New Construction: Bega; Erco; Filumen; Flos; Graypants; Meyer; Rentex; ProLED; Selux; XAL • Lighting Manufacturers: Historic Building Arcade: Erco; Mawa; Zumtobel

Project: Valenciennes Lighting Master Plan, “Artistic Escapes at Twilight,” Valenciennes, France • Clients: City of Valenciennes and Bouygues E&S • Lighting Designer: Concepto, Bagneux, France • Additional Designers: Emmanuel Prin and Marion Leverd, students at ESAD University of Valenciennes, winners of competition organized by Bouygues E&S and Concepto (art path and Blue Moon lantern); Olivier Juteau, glass artist for Blue Moon lantern • Project Size: 13.84 square kilometers (city area) • Lighting Costs: €2.4 million ($2.6 million) for the 49 sites that underwent a lighting renovation; €1.8 million ($1.95 million) for the 15 sites for new lighting installations • Code Compliance/Watts per Square Foot: All the new lighting installations and renovation of the existing installations were done with energy savings and sustainability in mind. All obsolete light sources have been replaced with LEDs. This allows for an energy savings from 15 to 80 percent by site, with an average of more than 50 percent for the entire lighting master plan. • Lighting Manufacturers: Renovation of Lighting Installations and New Site Lighting: Bega; Firalux; Lec; Meyer; Philips; Thorn; We-ef • Trade Path: Firalux; Meyer; Rosco; Sammode; Sill • Art Path: Firalux; Martin; Meyer; Rosco Sill; Technilum • Nocturnal Interludes: Comatelec Schreder; Inverlight; Rosco; Meyer; Sill

Project: Waldorf Astoria, Amsterdam • Client: DvM b.v. • Architect: Oeverzaaijer Architecture and Urbanism, Amsterdam • Lighting Designer: dpa Lighting Consultants, Clifton, England • Interior Designer: G.A. Design International, London • Electrical Contractor: Hirdes Energie Techniek, Amsterdam • Lighting Controls/Programming: EmenEm Building Automation, Weert, Netherlands • Mechanical and Electrical Engineer: HE Adviseurs, Rotterdam, Netherlands • Cost Consultant: Interplan Bouwsupport, Sassenheim, Netherlands • Project Size: 12,000 square meters (129,166 square feet) • Project and Lighting Costs: Withheld • Code Compliance: Met local historical committee approvals for refurbishment of the project’s protected spaces • Watts per Square Foot: Not Available • Lighting Manufacturers: Aldabra; Atomis; Heathfield & Co.; Linea Light Group; Lucent Lighting; LightGraphix; Mike Stoane Lighting; Osram; Zumtobel

Project: HSBC—Quai des Bergues, Geneva • Client: HSBC Private Banking • Architect: Make Architects, London • Executive Architect: Itten+Brechbühl, Bern, Switzerland • Lighting Designer: Seam Design, London • Project Size: 175,450 square feet • Project and Lighting Costs: Withheld • Code Compliance: Minergie, also achieved LEED Gold • Watts per Square Foot: 1.02 • Lighting Manufacturers: Flos; iGuzzini; Osram; Philips; Regent; Sill; Targetti