Lucifer Lighting

Gyro DL72Z Downlight
This recessed downlight contains exposed circular aluminum planes that interlock in two axes for manual configuration and adjustment. Measuring just over 1 ¼ inches wide (snooted), or approximately 1½ inches wide (non-snooted), each fixture can take halogen, ceramic metal halide, compact fluorescent, and LED sources, and be fitted with up to three accessories.

3 Style Architectural Lighting

NAOS Series
Measuring 3 ½ inches in height with a system power consumption of only 6.5W (with a 3.6W LED) or 8W (with a 7.2W LED), the NAOS Series of recessed downlights has a CRI of 70 or 85, color temperatures of 3000K, 3500K, and 4100K, and three reflector finish options. Various optics are available, including 20-degree, 40-degree, and regressed nonconductive shower trims.


Liteframe LF6CFH
Now with watts-per-square-foot optics, the LiteFrame line of downlights features more lumens per watt. Thanks to its new optical design, it also offers more light than the typical 45-degree cutoff. The LF6CFH model, a 6-inch horizontally lamped compact fluorescent open fixture, is ideal for a variety of low- to medium-height applications and can accommodate downlight, wallwash downlight, and lensed downlight reflectors.

Starfire Lighting

Versalux Hybrid
Providing discrete, ceiling-integrated illumination in a single, compact, low-profile housing, the VersaLux Hybrid can accommodate single or multiple linear fluorescent lamp configurations, with or without adjustable MR16s (or other auxiliary accent lights) that allow for wall wash, art wash, and accenting effects. Thanks to a front-loading design, three accessories can be used simultaneously.

Tech Lighting

Element 6"
The latest version of the company's architectural recessed downlight system is Element 6", which is well suited for residential, commercial, retail, and hospitality applications. Offered as open or regressed lens, round or square, or flanged or flangeless, Element 6" has a variety of lamping options including incandescent, compact fluorescent, and ceramic metal halide. Trims are constructed of die-cast aluminum and are completely seamless at the corners.

Gotham Lighting

A family of high-output LED downlights, ECOS is designed to deliver lumens comparable to traditional light sources. Round and square trims are available in 4- and 6-inch apertures. The shallow-profile fixtures have a nominal lumen output of 1,000 (for the 4-inch model using a 30W LED) and 1,400 (for the 6-inch model using a 38W LED).


Calculite Solid-State Downlight
Offered in 4-inch round and square models, the dimmable Calculite Solid-State Downlight uses remote phosphor technology to redirect back-reflected light out of the luminaire. Delivering a 50-degree physical and reflected cutoff and consuming only 20W, it can achieve 1,000 lumens at 3000K, or 1,100 lumens at 4000K for task-oriented applications.

No. 8 Lighting

Ceramic Metal Halide
Expanding its line of downlights, No. 8 Lighting has added a ceramic metal halide option that uses a 20W MR16 lamp. Equipped with a toolless, fully adjustable gear-driven optical system that features hot-aiming capabilities, each fixture allows for interchangeable lamp modules and comes in an array of round and square trim options with small (1¾ inches) and large (2 ¾ inches) apertures.