Bistro area of Swift & Sons steakhouse in Chicago.
Courtesy Boka Restaurant Group Bistro area of Swift & Sons steakhouse in Chicago.

Every project type has its own specific application criteria, and lighting for retail and hospitality projects is no different. Retailers, restaurateurs, and hoteliers need to make an impression, and they jockey to create unique brand identities that will draw customers, preferably repeat customers. It’s about making a statement—however subtle or extreme—to create a signature experience that stands out from the competition.

The following four projects—Swift & Sons, Barneys New York Downtown Flagship, Generator Amsterdam, and Hyatt Herald Square Lobby— showcase the diversity of illumination solutions, as the lighting designers were asked to respond to different project scales, programs, budgets, and aesthetic viewpoints. In order to inspire, various degrees of spectacle are used to elevate shopping, dining, and travel beyond everyday experiences to become memorable occasions. Consumers are looking to be engaged. Lighting, in turn, not only has to aid in creating a distinct setting and atmosphere but also highlight the goods and services on display. The goal after all, is to encourage the purchase, whether it be for a garment, a bottle of wine with dinner, or a return stay. •