Travelers arriving at the montreal-pierre elliott trudeau international Airport in Canada will now be guided down the arrival corridors by You Are Almost There!, a permanent lighting installation by Montreal-based conceptual artist and lighting designer Axel Morgenthaler. Designed to depict passengers in transit, the installation is part of local airport authority Aéroports de Montréal's identity program, created to infuse Montreal's character into its airports, and support the city's artistic and cultural development.

The installation is comprised of a series of 29 tube-shaped luminaires, measuring 8 feet tall and 2 inches in diameter, integrated into metal support beams along one side of two curved corridors. Morgenthaler, who has used video as a tool for lighting in past works, took individual video clip frames and broke them down to a very low resolution-8 pixels high by 6 pixels wide. The images were then translated to DMX and, via a linear array of RGB LEDs within each tube, used to create an ever-changing multicolored experience that Morgenthaler describes as a 'color massage.'

Positioned to signify in segments the visitor's approach to the Customs area, You Are Almost There! challenges the notion of light. Morgenthaler's objective is for travelers to question the perception of each image. He explains, 'Every screen is made of light, but where is the limit of the human brain to recognize an image on that screen-when does the image made of light become just light?' For more information, visit A|L