Wila Lighting

The 622 Recessed LED wallwasher is fitted with a cold remote phosphor LED module by Xicato in 2700K, 3000K, 3000K Vibrant, 35000K, and 4000K at a CRI of either 80 or 95. Available in two apertures—4" and 6" round—the luminaire has a 360-degree rotatable optical assembly. Outputs of 1,500 lumens, 2,200 lumens, and 3,000 lumens are available. A lamp-specific, post vacuum metalized UL-Makrolon wallwash reflector is provided with a microprism optic for even illumination. An integral 120V or 277V driver with quick connect whip, Lutron Hi-lume, or zero-to-10V dimming is available. Wattages vary from 25W to 50W. The bayonet latch mounting system consists of a die-cast magnesium trim ring and a mounting ring with an adjustable throat to accommodate up to 2" ceiling thickness. Finish options include, black, white, matte silver, and chrome. wilalighting.com