Pure Lighting

Verge is a slim, plaster-in LED light channel designed for indoor, ambient lighting in retail, hospitality, and residential spaces. Intended to create the effect of illuminated corners and floating walls, the 24V DC linear LED system mounts directly to the studs and plasters into 5/8"-thick or thicker drywall. Available in 5' increments up to 40' long, the fixture can be field cut. It measures 0.75" wide by 0.87" tall. Its white LEDs are available in 2400K at 80 CRI, and 2700K or 3000K at 85 CRI, and they consume 2.5W per linear foot delivering up to 116 lumens per watt. Its RGB LEDs consume 2.6W per linear foot. A remote dimmable power supply is controlled with a zero-to-10V dimmer for white LED systems. RGB systems are supplied with a DMX driver and are controlled with a touchscreen controller or color-dial controller. Ships with a channel, LED soft strip, special junction box, countersink bit for mounting, and a paintable aluminum backer plate. purelighting.com