Lighting Services Inc.

Designed for medium to long throw applications traditionally handled by PAR lamp technology, the LP2 SuperSpot features a 6-degree optic that delivers 50,000 candela of center-beam candlepower with 1,150 lumens at 26W. Also available with 10-, 20-, and 32-degree optics, an integral electronic driver is dimmable to 20% with trailing-edge electronic low-voltage (ELV) dimmers; optional addressing and control are available by using Lumentalk through DALI, DMX, Triac, ELV, or 1V to 10V panels, which are dimmable to 1%. LED color temperatures, all at a CRI of 80-plus, include static 2700K or 3000K; a 2700K to 4000K dynamic white; or an RGB plus white color-changing option. Mountings include Lexan LSI track, universal fitting for Unistrut systems or bolt/screw applications, C-clamp and a permanent canopy mount. An onboard on/off switch is included with most mountings. Black, white, and silver finishes are offered.