Engineered with a passively cooled aluminum heat sink and thermally isolated constant-current driver, this LED track fixture is designed for retail, supermarket, and commercial accent and display lighting applications. The 10-degree spot delivers 32,616 candelas of center-beam candlepower from a single LED point source. For use on 120V to 277V systems, the track heads are offered in 27W, 33W, and 38W versions with up to a 90-degree tilt and a 360-degree rotation. The LED color temperature ranges from 2700K to 4000K at either a CRI of 80 or 90 CRI in the spot, narrow flood, and flood beam spreads. The luminaire is also available as a one-, two-, or three-light recessed version. Constructed of aluminum with no visible hardware, finish options include black texture, silver texture, and white texture finishes as well as custom colors.