Green LightCrestron
The Green Light occupancy sensors use ultrasonic and passive infrared technology to continually monitor a space and adjust the connected devices accordingly. The idle-time setting is adjustable on the sensor itself, but it will learn the occupants' habits over time and adjust the idle-time to suit the space's usage. Models cover areas from 540 square feet to 2,500 square feet. The GLS-ODT-C-2000 (shown) has a 4.2-inch diameter and offers 360-degree, 2,000-square-foot coverage.

HestiaSchréder Lighting USA
This aluminum-and-glass streetlight is the latest offering from Schréder Lighting USA. Using the Sealsafe Optical System, Hestia offers a high-tech optical system in a small package, and with its hermetic seal it prevents dust and water from damaging or interfering with the system. The light uses metal halide arc-tube lamps up to 150W.

DomoHinson and Co.
Designed by Antoni Arola for Metalarte in Europe, Hinson now offers Domo in the U.S. as part of a three-piece collection of indoor/outdoor fixtures. Made with tempered white glass, Domo is available as a 20-inch floor lamp or a 14-inch table lamp (shown). The top panel comes in blue or red, and the luminaire uses either an incandescent or self-ballasted fluorescent lamp. Also available are Dojo and Samu, which have stainless steel ribs over the white-glass sides.

Cata-LynxArtistic Licence
These converters unite lighting and video control technologies in a 19-inch rack. The Cata-Lynx I/P is a DMX512-to-Art-Net converter for two universes and is designed for Art-Net compliant media servers or visualization software; it has an XLR loop through for each incoming DMX. The Cata-Lynx O/P is an Art-Net-to-DMX512 converter and adds remote device management; it has a splitter for the outgoing DMX connectors. The units are configured on the front panel or across the network with DMX-Workshop software.

Derek Marshall LightingConstellation
The latest chandelier from Derek Marshall Lighting consists of three sections of American art glass, which is available in a variety of colors. Constellation's glass is cut, curved, and polished in an overlapping pattern that allows the fixture to give off both task and ambient light. The chandelier is 32 inches in diameter, and each light takes either incandescent, halogen, or compact fluorescent bulbs up to 100W.

Neo-Ray LightingSeries 1B
This indirect/direct T5 fluorescent luminaire from Neo-Ray, a division of Cooper Lighting, features a freefloating composite louver. Series 1B is available in various housing lengths and is compatible with Armstrong TechZone ceilings and other 6-inch-on-center ceiling grid systems. The fixture includes a single lamp modular design and has frosted acrylic side rails.

Lighting Services Inc.Track Adaptor
The Track Adaptor for one- and two-circuit Lighting Services Inc. track is now provided to any end user or manufacturer and features an integral on/off switch in addition to mechanical safety interlock. The Lexan adaptor is available in black, white, silver, or graphite, and it also can be painted a custom color to match any fixture.

Studio Italia DesignGraffiti
This cutting edge design by Studio Italia Design follows the school of thought that graffiti is art. The Graffiti Collection includes a sconce, suspended pendant (shown), table lamp, and floor lamp, all made up of hand-blown glass with either black or white sketching. Wattages range from 60W to 150W, depending on the luminaire. Each fixture is handcrafted at the company's factory in Venice.

Birch & WillowBramble Sconce
Bring a sense of nature indoors with the Bramble sconce from Birch & Willow. Available in small (11 inches tall x 16 inches wide), medium (16 inches tall x 20 inches wide), and large (19 inches tall x 24 inches wide), the medium and large sizes may be hung vertically or horizontally. The sconces have suggested wattages of 40W (small), 80W (medium), and 120W (large). The company currently recommends incandescent bulbs for the majority of its luminaires, which are all made to order.

Square DCommercial Grade Wall Switch
The latest occupancy sensors from Square D maximize energy savings with no adjustment required. Nuisance events such as lights turning off in occupied spaces or on in unoccupied spaces are minimized by patent-pending sensor technology. The ultrasonic sensor detects major motion up to 27 feet away, and dual-circuit wall switches with a lamp-saver mode reduce lighting maintenance by automatically alternating light groups in bi-level lighting applications.