This 2x2 recessed LED indirect luminaire is designed for general lighting applications and is suitable for a variety of project types including offices, educational facilities, and hospital settings. It features a patent-pending organic reflector design to provide soft, glare-free illumination while maintaining optimum light levels. The luminaire produces a bright white color temperature of 3500K, has a color rendering index of 80-plus, and can be dimmed to 5 percent light output with, according to the manufacturer, a projected average-rated life of 50,000 hours at 70 percent lamp lumen output.


On view at Light+Building, this LED disc luminaire combines performance with design in a new form-factor thanks to an asymmetrical hinge joint, which can be turned either horizontally or vertically through 359 degrees. The thin housing— a cross section of just less than half an inch—conceals 16 high-quality LEDs that are aligned flat toward the outer edge of the fixture so that they are shielded from view. A reflector and redirecting plate divert the light and focus it via the lens to create a beam-angle distribution of either 32 or 56 degrees. With a maximum output of 22W, Spock is available in two color temperatures, 3000K or 4000K, and two finishes, black or white.


Introduced at the 2010 AIA National Convention, Fraqtir is a new patent-pending optical technology that combines principles of refraction and total internal reflection (TIR). Fraqtir is formed from a precision-molded, high-temperature, non-yellowing, optical-grade acrylic, and is composed of three surfaces: input, exit, and TIR. The three surfaces work together to shape the beam into an asymmetric distribution to illuminate surfaces uniformly from one edge. The reflector is mounted to an LED circuit board and the entire assembly is mounted to a custom-design aluminum extrusion and available in two models: remote or integral driver.


Recognized at the Lightfair 2010 Innovation Awards with the Technical Innovation Award, this small, efficient LED driver is geared toward retrofit lighting applications for luminaires operating between 8W to 15W with small form-factors and enclosed casings, as well as LED module fixtures operating between 15W to 25W. The fully-integrated driver includes the controller and the switches, and supports the majority of available dimmers, including TRIAC and transistor.


Introduced at Lightfair 2010, this is the first LED driver to work across all market-available LED luminaire offerings and provide dimming from 100 to 1 percent light level for LED fixtures up to 40W, regardless of whether the fixture requires constant current or constant voltage. Available in two formats—compact (shown) or stick—the driver operates from 120V to 277V and works with extra-low-voltage controls, three-wire fluorescent controls, as well EcoSystem digital controls. A precision microprocessor and integral thermal management provide energy savings and extend product life.