Skye, Bulbrite • This LED tasklight features a linear head design and control at the fixture’s stem. Using only 6W of power, the equivalent of a 40W incandescent lamp, the fixture provides 5000K and a lumen output of 270. It measures 18.5 inches tall by 17.25 inches wide and, in addition to Skye’s on/off control, it also has a three-step dimmer—low, medium, and high.

Kelvin LED, Flos • Designed by Antonio Citterio with Toan Nguyen, the Kelvin LED adjustable tasklight provides a sleek design with advanced technology. The square polycarbonate fixture head houses 30 2700K LEDs, provides 270 lumens, measures 3.9 inches square, and offers 355-degree rotation. The on/off switch is a touch sensor on top of the fixture head. The armature is a pantograph arm that incorporates a stainless steel load-compensation spring and an injection-molded acetal resin sliding block for full 360-degree rotation. Available in three finishes—shiny back, shiny white, and anthracite—in a 90-degree position the luminaire measure 25.5 inches wide by 21.8 inches tall. Total power consumption is only 8W.

Equo LED, Koncept Technologies • A Best in Class 2010 Next Generation Luminaires Design Competition winner, the Equo desk lamp features a counterweight design for easy adjustability. The floating arm is simple to adjust and the tilting head stays at the desired angle when the arm is raised or lowered. The touch-sensitive control strip is on the fixture stem for easy access; the strip allows for dimming. It consumes 7.5W of power and can be equipped with an occupancy sensor. The driver is field-serviceable, but the LED module requires factory replacement. The luminaire is available in three finishes: black, silver, and orange.

Horizon LED, Humanscale • The Horizon LED tasklight is the first utilization of the company's Thin Wave Technology in a task luminaire. The technology incorporates a series of high-intensity LEDs surrounded by multiple layers of polycarbonates and optical films. The result is an even plane of glare-free 3000K warm-white illumination. A built-in dimmer provides energy savings and seven adjustable levels of light. The fixture is made of 95 percent recycled aluminum content and consumes 11W of power.

Swytch, Bulbrite • One of three new LED tasklights introduced by Bulbrite, Swytch’s flat head folds into the luminaire’s armature for a sleek design and minimal footprint—15 inches tall with a 7-1/4-inch-diameter base. The 42 LEDs provide 5000K bright white light at only 10W of power (the equivalent of a 75W incandescent), and it has three points of adjustability (flipping open 110 degrees, swivelling 45 degrees horizontally, and rotating 90 degrees at its base). Two color options are available—wine and black.

Top Four, Luxit • This miniature table light, which measures 2.56 inches wide by 4.61 inches tall by 3.27 inches deep, integrates LED technology with the light output equivalent to that of a 60W incandescent lamp. Playing off 
the form of a Lego, the luminaire features four 0.5W LEDs equipped with optical lenses to distribute the light. A companion to the Top Ten fixture (see Tracklighting), Top Four is made of a painted extruded aluminum structure and finished in a thermoplastic material. It is available in six colors: white, black, red, green, blue, and yellow.

Rhombus, Mondoluz • The Rhombus luminaire utilizes Cree’s XPG LEDs which are available at 3000K, and have a color-rendering index of 85 and a lumen output of 525. The fixture head will be available in four different designs (square is the current offering) and can be changed easily thanks to the fixture’s quick-connect system that allows for 360-degree rotation. The luminaire’s armature also provides fluid movement and positioning. In a 90-degree position, the luminaire measures 16.1 inches tall by 14.9 inches wide. The base measures 7 inches square, and the fixture head measures 5 inches square.