Outwater Plastics Industries

LED Low-Voltage Under Cabinet Puck Lights
Made up of 12 cool- or warm-white LEDs with a protective glass diffuser and an all-metal housing, this LED low-voltage under cabinet puck light consumes only 1.25W per fixture and has a rated life of approximately 50,000 hours, according to the manufacturer. Available in polished brass, polished chrome, black, white, brushed chrome, brushed brass, and antique bronze finishes, the fixture can be connected in runs of nine.

Prisma Architectural Lighting

A series of square or rectangular recessed wall luminaires with painted aluminum trims and diffusers in transparent glass, Wave features a variety of decorative aluminum screens to create different lighting effects and is well suited for use in retail and hospitality applications. The fixtures can be mounted horizontally or vertically, indoors or out, and can emit white or blue light from 8W or 9W LEDs concealed inside.


Modernizing the classic task lamp by reducing its complexity and incorporating LEDs, Link has a contemporary aesthetic. Its advanced chip-on-board unit allows for an ultraslim profile, while power is delivered through a conductive aluminum skin, eliminating the need for internal wiring. Consuming only 7.5W with a 15-LED array and offered in soft-touch paint colors, its components are recyclable. The fixture head offers 180-degree movement with precision-designed joints.


Diffrient Technology Light
Based on the company's Diffrient Work Light II, the Diffrient Technology Light combines versatility, energy efficiency, ergonomics, and engineering precision. It offers one-touch positioning, has a traditional screw-in socket to accommodate compact fluorescent lamps, contains 90 percent recycled and recyclable content, features a cone-shaped shade, and is available in black or silver. Two power outlets and an optional data port are built into its base.

Visa Lighting

A decorative indoor/outdoor ADA-compliant LED tile that can be used as individual units for wayfinding or placed together to create a dramatic mosaic, Wave is available in 6- and 12-foot squares that can be used independently or together and in a variety of finishes for numerous design configurations. Using single color or RGB LEDs, Wave's soft glow is obtainable in either static or variable colors. A single driver can accommodate multiple units.

3 Style Architectural Lighting

Alya Series Hall|Step Luminaire
A recessed LED wall fixture that consumes less than 5W, the Alya Series HALL|STEP luminaire measures 5 inches in diameter and can be mounted facing up or down. It has a die-cast aluminum housing and reflector, which, with its diffuse metallic aluminum coating, provides optimal visual cutoff and uniform light output, and takes a 3.6W LED in 3000K, 3500K, or 4100K color temperatures.

Tempo Industries

Rail Light
The latest addition to the Sentinel family, Rail Light is a compact, dual-directional, modular handrail-mounted fixture for step, stair, and ramp applications that uses the company's Biinary LED technology to provide glare-free, low-energy, high-performance illumination. Manufactured from steel-reinforced PVC plastic, the luminaires can create specific color-mix options and be securely mounted to existing or newly specified rails.


LiteStep offers three steplights in its collection: ultimate (SLLED1), premium (SLLED2), and primary (SLLED3), each with a solid-state electronic 350mA constant current FCC class 2B driver, as well as a high-performing diffusing lens. However, each has a unique faceplate and varies in the amount of light distribution, wattage consumption (10W or 6W), efficiency, and efficacy it provides. LED color temperature options include 3500K and 5000K, and housings are offered in various finishes, such as white, black, and bronze.


Archer Desk Lamp
The Archer Desk Lamp is a metal architect-style task light with three locking joints that enable height and shade adjustments. It reaches a maximum height of 22 inches, has a toggle switch on its base, contains 102 LEDs in its round shade, and is available in shiny black or satin steel finishes.