Anti-Reflective Glass for Lighting
Guardian Glass

Guardian's Anti-Reflective Glass for Lighting features a multilayer, sputtered antireflective coating (single-sided or double-sided) that is applied to Guardian's own glass (available from 2mm to 6mm) for high transmission and low reflectance. It can be used for a variety of lighting applications including sports lighting, area- and floodlighting, and roadway lighting.


Specular Planar Reflector
Sentry Electric

The Specular Planar Reflector (SPR) optical system is designed to deliver light from an LED source in an indirect and asymmetric pattern to eliminate the harsh glare often associated with solid-state lighting. The optical system is available in all of Sentry's tulip-style luminaires, which are designed for streetlighting, area lighting, and architectural applications. The SPR system is specifically designed with Philips's Fortimo HBM LED module in mind. The modules are available in three color temperatures—4000K, 4100K, and 5700K.


Light Emitting Capacitor Panels
Ceelite Technologies

Ceelite's Light Emitting Capacitor technology is incorporated into thin (1mm thick), flexible, and lightweight panels that can be used on flat or curved surfaces for architectural and signage applications. Available in standard sizes and shapes up to 18 square feet, the technology is different from LEDs and OLEDs, according to the manufacturer, because it provides an even illumination surface in a single-pixel format without multiple points of electrical connection.