Theaters, stages, and screening sets require high output and color clarity from their lighting systems in order to convey vibrancy in their scenes. The benefits aren’t lost, however, when those fixtures are specified for general architectural applications such as lobbies, feature walls, and galleries—to, literally, bring designers’ work into the spotlight. 

Avid 5, Apollo Design Technologies
For illuminating compact spaces, Apollo Design Technologies’ Avid 5 offers a CRI of 93 with a standard 12-degree beam angle and a CRI of 95 with an optional 30-degree beam angle. The flicker-free luminaire is fitted with a high-output Sylvania Ultra D LED. The machine-grade aluminum housing measures 5.56” tall by 7.91” long. Housing colors include silver anodized, red anodized, and a white powder coat.

Apollo Design Technologies

LED45P 45W LED Projector, Times Square Lighting
This LED framing projector delivers the equivalent of a 300W quartz halogen using a 45W LED module. Its adjustable beam spread ranges from 25 degrees to 45 degrees and can be altered with four framing shutters. Delivering up to 19 footcandles from a distance of 20’, the LED modules are available in 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, and 4000K with a CRI of 80. A selection of steel and glass patterns, as well as custom gobos and UV- or colored-glass filters, can be loaded into the accessory slot. The driver is integral and mounted to the fixture yoke. Dimming is optional with a trailing edge electronic low-voltage (ELV) device, a leading-edge ELV, or zero-to-10V controls, with choice of 100V, 120V, 230-240V, or 277V inputs. Mounting options include track adaptors, pipe clamps, and a canopy mount. Housing finishes include black, white, and silver.

Times Square Lighting

8PC38 Spotlight, Times Square Lighting
This specification-grade spotlight is designed for use with PAR 38 medium screw-base lamps in applications including museums, galleries, and exhibits. It accepts a variety of halogen, halogen infrared, and LED retrofit lamps. Beam angles of 10 degrees and 25 degrees are offered. The heavy-duty sheet-steel housing includes an accessory holder that can accommodate barn doors, snoots, diffusion, and color media. The unit weighs 9.75 pounds and it measures 18” tall by 11 ¼” wide by 11” deep.

Times Square Lighting

Kreios SL 3200K/60W, Osram
The 60W Kreios SL LED delivers 3,000 lumens at 3200K and a CRI of 95—rivaling the luminous output of a conventional 250W halogen, while using up to 75% less energy, the company says. It is offered with beam angles of 40 degrees to 120 degrees, which can be locked, while a fixed-focused 24-degree reflector is available for spaces requiring a tighter beam pattern. Dimmable via phase-control systems to less than 5%. An orange-colored housing is offered with a barn-door assembly, gel-frame holder, and base-mount adapter.