Apps • Luminair for iPad, SyntheFX • Synthe FX has released an iPad version for Luminair, its desktop-class, multitouch DMX lighting control app. Building on the original iPhone version, the new iPad version has additional functionality and new features such as instantly editable quick-touch cues and project-based draggable color swatches. Luminair for iPad uses the Art-Net protocol to transmit DMX data over Wi-Fi, enabling users to wirelessly control color-mixable LED fixtures, dimmers, studio lighting, moving lights, media servers, and any other type of DMX-enabled equipment. The program is also built for future expansion and users have access to feature updates via the iTunes store. 

Apps • Classroom Lighting Calculation, Litecontrol • Litecontrol’s Lighting Calculation app aids lighting designers and specifiers in calculating lighting costs and energy savings for standard classroom settings. Users can choose a room layout, the number of lamps and fixtures, as well as the kilowatt-per-hour cost and operating hours. The calculator will then tally the average footcandles, total watts, watts per square foot, and energy cosa per year. App versions are available for iPhone and iPad, as well as smartphones that run Android.

Apps • Voltage Drop Calculator, Q-Tran • The Q-Tran Voltage Drop Calculator calculates voltage drop for low-voltage lighting runs and applications using wire gauge from 14AWG (American wire gauge) to 8AWG. A column calculating loss over a dimmer is added to give users true voltage drop losses depending on the lighting load. Versions are available for iPhone and iPad, as well as smartphones that run Android.

Apps • Catalog-viewer, Lamps Plus • This new catalog-viewer app provides easy access to Lamps Plus’ selection of designer lighting, furniture, and home décor for the iPhone and iPad platforms. An Android version is being developed. Users can browse the main Traditional and Modern Style catalogs, view the latest sale brochures, and place orders directly from their mobile devices.

Materials • Anti-Reflective (AR) Glass for Lighting, Guardian Industries • This new glass offering from Guardian Industries is designed to provide a single solution to increase light transmission, reduce reflection, and increase the efficiency and efficacy of luminaires. AR Glass for Lighting features a durable, multilayer, sputtered antireflective coating that is applied to Guardian’s own glass. The glass is heat-treatable, available in different thicknesses, and is offered in both single-sided and double-sided configurations for myriad glass options including standard clear, EcoGuard low-iron, Pattern Glass, and SatinDeco (acid-etched) Glass.

Daylighting and Solar Control • Daylight Modeling Service, Kalwall Corp. • Kallwall Corp.’s Daylight Modeling Service is geared toward design/build professionals. The objectives of the service are to verify effective daylighting plans when using Kalwall translucent building systems, assist in qualifying for LEED or other sustainable rating agenda, promote passive daylighting strategies as a way to meet Carbon Zero objectives, and to educate designers, builders, specifiers, and owners about the benefits of Kalwall. Dynamic Daylight Simulation (DAYSIM) and Ecotect are the software programs used for the daylighting analysis.

Materials • Lumina, Sensitile • When combined with a lighting element, these acrylic resin panels—available in thicknesses from 3/4 inch to 1-1/2 inches—create an innovative way to diffuse a single source of light into thousands of points of light. While the panel core is made of acrylic resin, the panel cladding can be acrylic resin, tempered glass, polycarbonate, or PETG. Surface finishes are clear, frosted, matte, nonglare, glass, and mirror. For cladding, there are 19 standard transparent colors and 19 colored mirrors. The Lumina panels are specifically edge-lit with LEDs, but they can also be designed for other types of illumination options. Clear cladded panels are available in three sheet sizes: 4 feet by 8 feet, 4 feet by 10 feet, and 5 feet by 10 feet. Color-cladded panels come in 4-foot-by-8-foot sheets. Custom configurations are available as a special option and require longer lead times.