AE LIGHT | Product: Color Filters

A colorful collection of filters that enhance HID Powerlight applications, the line includes the following: an IR filter calibrated to 850nm for covert operations; an amber filter to help penetrate smoke, fog, and dust; a red filter for traffic control and better night vision; a blue filter for forensics; a green filter for signaling, traffic control, and night vision; and a diffused lens to widen the fixture's beam by approximately 65 degrees. All are mounted in rubber holders for easy installation. CIRCLE 260

OPTIVEX | Product: UV Glass Filters

Optivex UV Glass Filters block 99 percent of harmful UV radiation while transmitting high quality visible light with minimal color distortion. Coated on 3/3mm Borofloat glass for maximum heat resistance, the filters enable a broader range of light sources to protect valuable objects, art, textiles, or historical documents. They can be custom ordered in any size or shape from 1/2-inch to 30-inch diameters for both retrofit and new lighting systems. CIRCLE 261

TRIPAR INC | Product: Light Projection System

An accessory that converts any small recessed halogen fixture into a projector, the Light Projection System clips onto a wide variety of recessed lighting trims, from 4- to 5 1/2-inch round and 4- to 4 1/2-inch square. It includes three pattern motifs: the moon and stars, sun and palms, and musical notes. In addition, three color filters are included, allowing up to six different colored light projections. Wide or narrow beam-width models are available and finishes include white, black, polished chrome, and polished brass.



Flexible, thin, and bright, Light Tape is an electroluminescent light that can be made in any size or color. It is manufactured in lengths of 300 feet and in widths from 1/4 to 24 inches, and is illuminated by activating a phosphor layer with an alternating current. Four Light Tape products are offered: Extreme, Signage, Mobile, and Shapes. All are glass-and gas-free, and generate no heat.


RENAISSANCE LIGHTING | Product: evo Color Manager

A method for managing an evo light fixture through either a Bluetooth or an RS232 hardwired connection, the evo Color Manager is designed to operate on a Hewlett Packard iPAQ PDA (or equivalent). Offering the ability to control the color and intensity of one or more luminaires—the software enables setting the color to any one of 16 million hues and the color temperature from 2000K to 10,000K—the Manager provides six separate screens to perform various functions.



A new line of faux finish options for medallions, Focal Finish features 10 hand-applied, artistic finishes on more than 30 medallion styles, from 12 inches all the way up to 41 1/2 inches. Designed to complement popular lighting fixtures, the finishes are offered in brushed opulence, distressed silver, sierra, regal gold, sunset, imperial gold, weathered bronze, burnished bronze crackle, gilded mahogany, and oil-rubbed bronze.


MONTE CARLO | Product: Sleek

This modern fan suits sophisticated tastes and measures 52 inches wide. It has a 12-degree blade pitch for maximum air movement, precision-balanced motor and blades for smooth operation, and extra long 79-inch leadwires for high ceiling installation. Sleek comes with a 40W fluorescent light kit, a three-speed reversible motor, and includes a wall-mounted remote control. Three finishes are offered: a brushed steel housing and silver blades, and a Roman bronze and white housing and blades.

Product: Stirling Castle

Stirling Castle measures 60 inches wide and is comprised of carved tung wood blades, champagne Scavo glass, and hardware with a British bronze finish. It contains a heavy-duty torque-induction motor with three speeds and is precision balanced for smooth operation. The fan includes three 60W downlights and four 25W candelabra uplights for a dramatic feature, and includes a wall-mounted remote control with reverse operation capability.


ETCO INCORPORATED | Product: Flat-Snap

Changing out electronic components can often be time consuming with the cutting of wires and re-crimping, but the Flat-Snap electronic connection makes it possible to connect wires with one quick snap, making it easier for assemblers to overlay two unisex connectors and pull them securely into each other—they can also be easily disconnected by simply reversing the motion. The Flat-Snap can be customized and insulated.