Sensor Switch, an Acuity Brands company
Specializing in occupancy-sensor products and technologies for lighting controls, Sensor Switch recently introduced nWiFi (shown), which enables wireless communication for the devices in its nLight system. The digital architecture and network technology behind nLight and nWiFi enable the integration of wired or wireless, time-based, daylight-based, sensor-based, and manual lighting controls. As a result, digital devices, including occupancy sensors, photocells, wall switches, dimmers, and luminaires, can make their own intelligent control decisions without having to rely on relay-only devices, such as room controllers and panels.

VoksLyte, Cathode Lighting Systems (CLS)
An extension of CLS's custom fluorescent manufacturing business, VoksLyte designs and manufactures high-end, nontraditional fixtures that use solid-state or traditional lighting sources. The new product lines feature cold-cathode light sources, flat-panel elements, curved illuminated forms, and mechanical elements that allow users to field adjust the light for functional or decorative purposes. For example, the dimmable Aerial LED ceiling luminaire (shown) has two-sided light panels that can be rotated up to 135 degrees. Additionally, the support arms for the light panels can be fixed at zero degrees, or 45- and 90-degree positions from the horizontal.

Warm Dim Technology, USAI Lighting
The typically cool output of LEDs is warmed with USAI's new patent-pending dimming technology, which will be available later this year. With Warm Glow Dimming, the company's BeveLED recessed downlights follow the curve of the black body locus to emulate the warm look of incandescent lamps during dimming. The 24W LED fixtures dim from 2700K at 100 percent light output down to 2250K at less than 1 percent, and produce 51 lumens per watt. The technology follows a two-step MacAdam Ellipse for fixture-to-fixture color consistency.

SR6, Cree
Part of Cree's SR Series, the SR6 LED architectural downlight uses 85 percent less energy than comparable incandescent lighting and is designed to last up to 30 times longer, according to the company. The SR Series uses Cree's Light Source-Reflector Unity optical system to reduce glare and optical reflections. It also uses Cree's TrueWhite Technology, which provides a color temperature range of 3000K, 3500K, and 4000K, all with a CRI exceeding 90. The dimmable, 6-inch SR6 (shown) uses anodized aluminum reflectors with either a 30- or a 45-degree shield angle, and a wallwashing option is also available.