COOPER LIGHTING Sure-Lites Concealed Emergency Light (CEL Series)
Designed for ceiling or wall installations where architectural appearance is a concern, this recessed emergency light is visible only when in use and remains hidden until power is lost. When needed, the hatch doors open automatically to reveal two MR16 halogen lamps (up to 75W each) providing a path of illumination to an exit point. Standard fixture run time is 90 minutes, with an extended run time of 120 minutes. The luminaire returns to its concealed position once power is restored. Additional standard features include self diagnostics, which automatically run check tests for code compliance.

SCHRÉDER Advanced Tunnel Lighting Solutions
Speced for use in the U.S., this tunnel lighting system adjusts its light output intensity to correspond to day and night driving conditions to ensure driver visual comfort. Housings are available in either anodized extruded aluminum or stainless steel to withstand high impact conditions, and mountings are configured to reduce installation time and maintenance costs. Models meet IP65, IP66, or IP67 requirements to prevent water intrusion. LEDs are the principal light source, but T5 fluorescent, compact fluorescent, low- and high-pressure sodium, and halogen lamping also is available.

SELUX Olivio Systems
Olivio Systems comes in three fixture-head sizes (Grande, Medio, and Piccolo) and five mounting styles (Candelabra, Sistema [shown], Universal, Gracil, and Bollard). All housings are made from pressure die-cast aluminum and have a selection of four standard colors or a custom exterior color. With a choice of five reflector distributions in 20W to 150W metal halide or LED sources, Olivio can address a range of applications, from accent lighting to street lighting along minor roads, parks, industrial areas, and plazas. The fixture heads have an ergonomic design that allows for a vertical tilt of up to 175 degrees and rotation of 180 degrees that can be adjusted on-site. The fixtures also can be locked in a downward-aiming position to achieve IDA-certified dark-sky-friendly full-cutoff optics.

This medium-sized floodlight is designed to be installed in hazardous locations. Available in energy-efficient pulse-start and high-pressure sodium ballast systems, each fixture has a low-copper-alloy, die-cast aluminum housing and door. Both configurations feature a tempered, impact-resistant, clear glass lens and a wide uniform beam from a hydroformed reflector that has four times the coverage of the set-back distance. A modified steel mounting yoke and bronze finish are standard.

PHILIPS LUMEC RoadStar LED Luminaire
The RoadStar luminaire incorporates Lumiled's Luxeon Rebel Power LEDs to illuminate large areas, streets, and roadways. According to the company, RoadStar saves approximately 50 percent on energy consumption when compared with tradition high-intensity discharge cobraheads. Available in two configurations, the GPLS model measures 23¾ inches long by 13¾ inches wide, while the GPLM model is 45 1/8 inches long by 13¾ inches wide. Both luminaires can be retrofitted to a city's existing infrastructure and, according to the manufacturer, the LEDs provide more than 70,000 hours of operational life, reducing the labor and costs of replacing burnt out lamps.