This year, Architectural Lighting's editors were compelled by the good intentions of several manufacturers to make the world a better place-with products that give a nod to the ideas of reuse and recycling, or that offer a hand to struggling communities in places such as Columbia, Indonesia, and Africa. While not an overwhelming trend, it is a rustling in the bushes that deserves attention. We also recognized the ever-intensifying industry attention to products that embrace the notion of daylight as an essential design tool. Lastly, we were very interested to learn of a new ballast, designed to aid the overburdened power grid-and in the process, save energy-currently being developed by the Lighting Research Center. Three cheers from all of us to these efforts!

Besides being downright beautiful when artfully combined with light, 3form's products have achieved a new level of responsibility with the Full Circle line. Including five options, the collection utilizes renewable resources provided by communities from developing countries. River Rock (left, top) incorporates stones collected by Indonesian villages adversely affected by the tsunami. Palau (left, bottom) includes bark, gathered and processed by indigenous peoples in rural Columbia, from the coconut palm. Another, Ithemba, featuring woven wire mesh, utilizes the efforts of African women artisans afflicted with AIDS or HIV.

A few manufacturers are recognizing the importance of reuse. Though not a full-on trend in the lighting industry (unlike carpeting manufacturers, who have been onto recycling for years), it is worthy of note. Eleek, a company in Portland, Oregon, has created its entire product line around the concept, with items such as the Spoon sconce (left) and the Pod, Starlight, and Normandy pendants (right) all fabricated from recycled metals. (See other Eleek products on pages 34 and 55.) Meanwhile, MB Wellington Studio addresses the issue from the opposite direction: its plastic Lightblocks products (top) are fully recyclable.

Solar-control products abound; indeed, this year they earned their own page. From glass, to shading systems, to controls, the category is expanding. Pictured center, PPG's architectural glass product Vistacool Azuria, when combined with Solarban 60 low-E glass, provides a light-to-solar-gain ratio of 1.63. (The company's impressive Solarban 70XL actually maintains a ratio of 2.33. dynalite |

Product: Revolution

Incorporating a clip-on cover-fastening system for design flexibility, the Revolution series of control panels incorporates a button-depth adjustment facility to accommodate flat surfaces up to 1/4 inch deep. The panels offer smooth-action buttons with LED indicators and are available in a variety of configurations, from single column-allowing for one to eight buttons-through double- or triple-column designs with up to 24 buttons. A wide range of panel materials are offered, including wood, stone, metal, plastic, vinyl, and glass.

cooper wiring devices |

Product: Aspire RF

The Aspire RF line of wireless control products incorporates Z-Wave technology that uses sensing and random back-off to reduce interference. The system includes Aspire's signature curve motif and contrasting matte and low-gloss finishes, which are offered in three two-toned color combinations: desert sand, white satin, and silver granite. In addition, switches, receptacles, dimmers, controllers, accessories, and screwless wallplates are available.

crestron |

Product: infiNET

Part of a complete line of wireless lighting controls that includes single- and four-button switches and wireless gateways, the infiNET dimmer uses technology that eliminates the need for physical control wiring. Its dynamic frequency allocation ensures a fast, stable, and reliable system, and real-time analysis can be conducted remotely from any computer.

bodine |

Product: CheckMate ET1

Remote-control testing of existing exit signs and emergency lighting wall packs is available with the use of CheckMate ET1. From up to 32 feet away, users can test both 30-second and 90-minute options to satisfy building safety codes. The unit attaches directly to existing signs and wall packs, and measures approximately 4 inches long by 1 1/4 inches wide by 1 inch high.

hubbell |

Product: LightHawk

LightHawk, a wall-switch occupancy sensor product line, is available in a variety of models-passive infrared, ultrasonic, and multi-technology-for occupancy detection and false trip immunity. The devices feature selectable operating modes, including automatic on/off or manual on/automatic off, and a built-in photosensor for automatic daylight harvesting. All sensor models come in both single- and dual-circuit versions with no minimum load requirements and can be used to replace existing wall switches.

cooper lighting |

Product: LumaWatt Hi-Lo

Designed for commercial and industrial applications, the LumaWatt Hi-Lo is a wireless mesh-networked motion sensors and photosensor that operates incandescent, compact fluorescent, linear fluorescent, and HID light sources. It can switch electronic- or magnetic-ballasted luminaires for high-low functionality, dim electronic-ballasted luminaires using 0V to 10V dimming, and switch any electrical load up to 30 amps. Capable of detecting motion up to 40 feet away, the sensor features a free-rotating universally adjustable wall- or ceiling-mounting mechanism.

rsl |

Product: Regulator

With the ability to regulate the voltage from transformer to fixture to 11.6V, the tiny Regulator is fully contained in its own housing for direct burial or installation in a mounting stake. Measuring only 1 inch by 1 inch by 1 1/2 inches, the device is used for landscape lighting projects and features a guide chart that simplifies layout.

lutron |

Product: Stainless Steel Wallplates

To coordinate with stainless-steel home appliances, Lutron has added stainless-steel wallplates to its product range. Complementary to black dimmers, switches, and accessories, the wallplates feature rounded edges and have no visible screws for a clean aesthetic. One-, two-, three-, four-, five-, and six-opening wallplates are available, and each is comprised of a stainless-steel frame over a black base.

Products Controls

lightolier controls |

Product: LYTEmode

Measuring under 5 inches long and approximately 3/4 inches thick, and featuring a brilliant 3 1/2-inch color display, the LYTEmode wireless unit provides real-time individual channel control of 12 scenes and adjustable fade times, graphic representation of channel intensities, and lighting control status. Utilizing wireless technology, reliable and secure connections are obtained over a range of 30 feet. Power is supplied through a lithium-ion removable battery, and a rechargeable AC adapter comes standard.

lightolier |

Product: PowerTrip

A current-limiting device for line-voltage tracklighting, the PowerTrip enables users to tailor installation to a specific required wattage. Designed for use with Lytespan Radius and Basic and Advent track systems, it is easy to install and replaces both standard Live-End and In-Line track power feeds. The tamperproof device is available in black or white.

watt stopper |

Product: Automation Appliance

Used with the Lighting Integrator control panel, the Automation Appliance is a web-based interface that connects users to the network via an Internet, intranet, or LAN connection. Through a standard web browser, multiple users can access all lighting control functions and scheduling capabilities, ideal for applications where remote access is desired or access from multiple locations is necessary.

encelium technologies |

Product: Energy Control System

To assist with energy savings in commercial and public buildings, the Energy Control System is a fully scalable, integrated hardware and software system that allows light fixtures, occupancy sensors and photosensors, and wall dimmers to be individually addressed via a rack- or wall-mounted processor. Sensor power is supplied over the network, eliminating the need for separate power supplies and wiring.

osram sylvania |

Product: aluPAR

With an aluminum reflector-rather than the glass reflectors used in previus models-the PAR56 lamps in the aluPAR family are lighter and brighter than conventional stage and show PAR halogen lamps, and offer enhanced lighting performance. Different voltages and beam angles are also available.

infinilux |

Product: MR16 Based LED Lamps

These 1W and 3W MR16 solid-state lamps feature standard bi-pin bases and integrated constant-current drivers that can accept variable inputs from 8V to 16V in either an alternating current or a direct current. Built around Cree's Xlamp LED technology, each lamp has an operating life of over 25,000 hours and is housed in a standard white housing made from UL-rated materials. Additionally, lamps are available in two output power configurations, 45 lumens and 80 lumens, in seven colors: white, amber, blue, cyan, green, orange, and red.

lightwaves |

Product: LED 3W MR16

Intended as a replacement for the standard dichroic MR16, the LED 3W MR16 uses 90 percent less energy than an incandescent MR16 and offers near-zero heat output and an eight-year lifespan. Producing 80 lumens, the lamp is offered in white, warm white, red, green, blue, and amber.

opto technology |

Product: Endura Bright MR-16

The Endura Bright MR16 lamp is a replacement for existing halogen lamps. Appropriate for applications such as trade shows, museums, display cases, transportation, and industrial lighting, it contains a high-output LED that offers up to 120 lumens of light, and provides over 2,200 candela of light output with a beam spread of 10 degrees. The lamp is available in white, warm white, red, amber, green, cyan, blue, and royal blue.

Products Lamps/Ballasts

litetronics |

Product: SPLP PAR38

Offering the versatility of a standard incandescent PAR lamp, but lasting four times longer, the SPLP PAR38 compact fluorescent lamp is effective for both indoor and outdoor applications, including tracklighting and recessed can lighting. Available in 2700K and 4000K color temperatures, the spiral reflector allows for higher lumens per watt than ordinary fluorescent lamps and has an 8,000-hour life. The minimum length of the lamp is 5 7/8 inches.

Product: Micro-Brite Candelabra

The Micro-Brite Candelabra is a 3W or 4W dimmable cold cathode fluorescent lamp that can operate indoor or out in extreme temperatures. It has a 25,000-hour life and offers 80 percent energy savings over incandescent lighting. With a minimum length of 4 1/4 inches, the lamp is ideal for chandeliers, wall sconces, and floor and table fixtures.

philips |

Product: T8 Extra Long Life Alto

Providing up to 40,000 hours of continuous light, the T8 Extra Long Life Alto lamp is suitable for both new construction and retrofit applications. The lamp will operate on all existing T8 ballasts.

venture lighting |

Product: E-Lamp

The E-Lamp family of products are available in 320W, 350W, 400W, and 450W. Each has an average rated life of more than 20,000 hours, features a color temperature of 4000K, provides a color-rendering index of 65, and offers uniform light output.

ledtronics |

Product: White MR16 TrackLED

Offering solutions for maintenance-intensive and low-voltage applications, this high-powered MR16 LED drop-in replacement lamp has a 2-pin base, draws just 2.5 watts, features 42 LEDs, and is available in cool and warm white color temperatures. The lamp is offered in four beam angles: narrow (15 to 20 degrees), standard (25 to 30 degrees), medium (40 to 50 degrees), and wide (100 to 120 degrees).

universal lighting technologies |

Product: E-tensity

Offering improvements to traditional magnetic HID lighting, the E-tensity electronic HID ballast has a grade-A sound rating with a fixture efficiency greater than 90 percent. Suitable for lamps ranging from 20W to 400W, it provides instant-on starting and produces high light levels. The ballast also has dimming options for energy management control and an end-of-life shutdown circuit.

Product: Basic-12 B260I120M-A

Designed to replace traditional magnetic T12 ballasts, the B260I120M-A ballast is smaller and lighter. The ballast offers an instant start and measures 9 1/2 inches long by approximately 1 3/4 inches wide by just over 1 inch high. It features parallel lamp operation, so if one lamp fails, the others remain lit.

advance |

Product: Optanium 2.0

The Optanium 2.0 family of low-profile, lightweight, and high-efficiency electronic ballasts is compatible with T8 lamps, including standard 40W, 32W, 25W, and 17W, as well as 4-foot 30W, 28W, and 25W energy-saving models. Ballasts are offered in two versions-a standard light output design and a low-watt design-from 108V to 305V. Available with a complete range of both instant-start and programmed-start options, they are physically interchangeable with standard electromagnetic and electronic ballasts.

Product: e-Vision Mini

The e-Vision Mini electronic ballast for 39W ceramic metal halide lamps operates on a line voltage of 120V. Its compact and lightweight housing measures approximately 4 1/2 inches by 1 1/4 inches by 1 1/4 inches, 30 percent smaller than comparable 20W products. The ballast features lamp wattage regulation to optimize color quality and reduce lamp-to-lamp variations, and prevents lamp thermal stress with automatic lamp power control and monitoring.

aurora lighting |

Product: WattControl

The WattControl HID electronic ballast for 400W HID fixtures is compact and lightweight, functioning at temperatures 50 to 80 percent cooler than traditional magnetic ballasts. The ballast operates at an input voltage from 208V to 277V. and has a continuous dimming capability.

duraled |

Product: DNC-MR16-XX-6W

Containing a single high-power LED, Duraled's MR16 replacement lamp has the equivalent output of a 50W MR16 lamp. Offering a long operating life-40,000-hour average-the lamp produces no UV or thermal radiation. It measures approximately 1 1/2 inches in diameter and available colors include cool white, warm white, red, magenta, green, light blue, and blue.

mule lighting |

Product: LED-ColorFLEX

LED-ColorFLEX is a system of durable UV-protected tubes lined with LEDs that contain dyes to enhance color brightness in red, blue, green, yellow, and orange. Flexible enough to bend up to 180 degrees, the system offers a user-friendly alternative to delicate, glass-based neon lamps. Interior and exterior applications include architectural borders on buildings, signage, casinos, step and path lighting, and display cases.