Luminair 1.1
Synthe FX

Synthe FX has updated its Luminair software that offers wireless control of DMX fixtures and consoles using Apple's iPhone or iPod Touch. The software allows a user to adjust color temperature, intensity, XY focus controls for movable fixtures, and other DMX features. It also shows the consoles' current settings. The DMX network must be Art-Net compatible.

Springlamp CFL/LED Light Bulb

TCP has introduced a compact fluorescent light bulb that uses an LED for a low-wattage “night light.” Comparable to a 50W/100W/150W incandescent, the bulb uses the LED for the low-intensity 1W setting, and switches to the CFL for the 3W and the 19W settings. TCP reports color temperatures similar to classic incandescents—rated at 50K—and a life of more than 10 times longer. It is designed for table and floor lamps

Tetra FX
GE Lumination

This new LED special effects controller gives lighting designers a wide array of control over Tetra LED lighting systems, both 12V and 24V versions. Up to 512 unique controller addresses allow designers to control individual fixtures. Four Tetra systems can be connected out of the box, and Y-splitter cables can be used to add more.


Philips has released its answer to the winter blues. This new light-therapy device has smart features that help regulate mood, energy, and sleep with varying levels of blue light that is reported to help with seasonal affective disorder. Using no UV or near-UV light, goLITE BLU produces even light with no glare, and the rechargeable battery makes it easy to move from the office to home, or anywhere else you might need a little happiness.

ShowDesigner 5

ShowDesigner 5 from Martin Professional gives lighting and set designers a new 3-D lighting simulator for use in stage, club, and architectural applications. The software offers a realistic rendering of how fixtures will look, including a camera animation that uses timeline control. It is available in five packages to meet a variety of design needs.