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Product: Architektur A4

The A4 series of 4-inch aperture adjustable accent downlights provides specifiers with a fully aimable luminaire, featuring 0- to 45-degree vertical and 362-degree horizontal ad-justment, hot aiming, center-beam optics, and no visible hardware from below the ceiling. The fixture includes multiple lamp options ranging from MR16 to incandescent, low- and line-voltage, and trim choices in a variety of finishes.

Product: Architektur D4

The D4 collection of 4 1/2-inch aperture specification-grade downlights incorporates a twist lock socket mechanism that ensures a consistent lamp position. Using patented optical technology that produces equal cutoff at a 45-degree viewing angle in all lateral planes, the luminaire accepts compact fluorescent and incandescent lamps. D4 is offered in an assortment of trims, finishes, and colors.

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